Blanket….or not… :(

I put the blanket in the washing machine to soak…Apparently “soak” on my parents washer really means wash because it was agitating it the entire time. 😦 The “blanket” felted. I’m kinda bummed. I kinda thought it might but I really hoped it wouldn’t. It’s still really pretty though. I think it kinda looks like candy corn. haha. And since it shrunk up so much it’s a good shawl length/width now. I’m still not entirely sure what I’ll do with it. I may cut it up and make pillows out of it or something. I have a few ideas. I think for now I’ll just leave it alone but it may turn in to something else.


I do love the colors. 🙂 I did a very subtle plaid.

Yup.  Candy corn.

It’s hard to tell from the pictures but there ARE two different colors of yellow.

I like it as a wrap. Very cozy.

Oh and here’s a picture of what my wood chip dye looks like. 🙂 Just put it in two days ago and look what it looks like already!



2 thoughts on “Blanket….or not… :(

  1. Haha it totally looks like candy corn! I love it though! It looks super cozy so I understand that you'd be disappointed that it's not big enough for a blanket. You live you learn, right?

  2. Yep. I'm really not too disappointed. I figured it would shrink a lot. I just wasn't expecting it to felt. It's really okay though. 🙂 It's still pretty and I can still use it for SOMETHING. Just don't know what yet.

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