A few photos

Here are a few snap shots taken at the spring TACA fair by Tammy Gentuso. She walks around photographing all of the booths, vendors and sights at TACA fairs and happily shares the images with the artists. If you’re a facebooker, you can check out TACA’s page for more shots from the show. And you can also check out more images of my work on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/orchardhousestudios


My hand dyed Bronson lace shawls and infinity scarves


Felted wool clutch bags


Hard at work at my loom demonstrating.


My sister-in-law and booth helper extraordinaire!


Brief update

My goodness it’s been busy around here!

Three weeks ago was the spring TACA Fair in Nashville. It was a windy, soggy affair but there was a huge sense of commraderay amongst the vendors. Although I would have thought the rain, wind, and chilly temperatures would have driven people away, we still had quite a decent turn out and it somehow ended up being the best spring show of the three I’ve done! (In terms of sales) setup went smoothly too. Mom and I knocked it all out in about 2 hours. Impressive!! Definitely a fun weekend. And I received notification that I have been pre-accepted to next year’s spring show! I got a respectable 5.6 out of 7 on my on-site score. Last year I got a 4.5, the absolute minimum you can receive in order to be pre-accepted.

Since TACA went so well, I’m now out of most of my inventory. Unfortunately, so are most of my galleries… so I’m currently working on making up some summer weight infinity scarves but I’ve had a few problems with sett.  I’m using 10/2 tencel and intentionally setting it very loose for a lightweight, almost gauzy look. I did one warp sett at 18 epi and after wet finishing and ironing, I’ve decided this is just a touch too loose. I have resleyed the reed to 20 epi to see if that will fix the problem. I think one of the problems on the 18 epi warp was that I was using a 6 dent reed triple sleyed. I think it left reed marks and caused some wonky spreading and separating in the warp. I believe I’ve woven with 10/2 cotton at 20 epi and been happy with the results but I can’t remember. So I’ve changed to my 10 dent reed double sleyed and hopefully that will help fix some of the problems.

In farm news, it’s nearly June and I have yet to shear my sheep. It’s been an unusually wet and chilly spring so I don’t feel too horrible. At this point since we’re so close to moving them to a new pasture by our new barn,  I’m considering waiting until they are moved and I can get them into the new barn and shear them there.  We shall see.

In the personal department, Ben and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary yesterday! It seems like no time at all and at the same time, it seems as though we’ve always been married. We didn’t do a whole lot yesterday. Our big celebration is going to be buying cabinets for our kitchen!! I am so excited! One big step closer to finishing the house. 🙂

So there you are. The past month in 4 paragraphs. 🙂