Day at the mall

We spent the afternoon at a mall today. This is the first time in a while that I’ve spent any length of time in a mall/shopping center. It was quite a different experience than I would have expected. I suppose part of it is the time of year, folks running around trying to procure gifts for all the loved ones in their lives. I love the idea of gift giving, especially finding that perfect, right gift. But I was surprised to find myself almost completely overwhelmed by the amount of STUFF and people buying it.

At one point, I was in one of the larger dept stores and I was just struck by the thought of what it would look like if all the items in the store were simply in a pile. I mean just piles and piles of clothes and STUFF everywhere! It would be insane! It IS insane! And (pardon my French but..) what the HELL do we even NEED all that for?!

I know I’m a simply country gal at this point in my life but I do still like nice things. I appreciate a good pair of jeans, a nice sweater, a beautiful pair of leather boots, and a gorgeous handbag/purse. I know all the “big brands” and I even like the stuff they make (And own some pieces that I truly love) but I think the thought that all that stuff is so completely unnecessary for happiness struck me harder today than it has before previously because I have never been more happy to get home to my cows and milk them.

It’s a simple life we have here on the farm. But I love that after evening milking when I walk my cows back out to the pasture, I can look up and see a whole sky full of stars. You can even see the line of the Milky Way on a clear, cold night. It’s breathtaking. I love watching the sun rise each morning, again, while milking my cows.

I also love that we live, literally, 8 minutes from my favorite kayaking run! And what a wonderful way to spend a day! Using your muscles, in the water, outside.

I was reminded today of the things that drive me in this world. Family, comfort, enjoying Creation, and doing something that I feel makes a difference in this world. So here we are. Here are the things that I have been blessed with in my life:

Family. My husband is also my best friend. My daughter gets to grow up in a world where she spends the majority of her day with BOTH her parents.

Comfort. Our house may be small and it may be a simple workshop that we converted to a house but it’s ours. And we have a lovely little life here.

Creation. The Lord has blessed our business so much in the past couple of years. We are now to the point where we have the ability to take a couple of afternoons a week and spend them enjoying our new hobby: Whitewater kayaking. This sport is amazing, addictive and SO MUCH FUN! You get to be outside in this beautiful world and you get to work hard at the play you’ve chosen. I am one of those apparently rare individuals that actually enjoys hard work. I struggle to find things that are fun to do because…well…they aren’t hard enough…But kayaking is hard! But in the best way! This is something Ben and I have been able to do together several times a week. How awesome is that?!

I also love that my job and business help people. I feel that, in its own small way, our business changes people’s lives for the better. I had a customer come up to me last year and thank me with the deepest gratitude for providing her family with milk because it literally reversed her daughter’s health. THAT is why I do what I do.

All that being said, I felt like the Lord showed me this afternoon that I am content with my life. Yes, I am human and I still sin and covet and want “things”. But I don’t remember often feeling that sense of contentment with my life before. God is good. He has given me so much to be thankful for. I’m not wealthy, I’m not fancy or fashionable, but I am happy. And praise the Lord for that!



One thought on “Day at the mall

  1. JoAnna, this is so beautiful, it made me cry. I wasn’t sure if you were having a good day or not, but now I know you were doing a lot of thinking and praying and being open to hear God’s voice. You do have a good life and I am glad to be a part of it.

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