Life changes

It’s amazing to me how life changes so drastically. Two years ago, all I could think about was weaving! It was my passion and obsession. While I still love weaving and the product, I don’t think about it constantly anymore. Part of that is due to a new love in my life: our daughter, Erica. 11012761_10100598720401838_6296899894539027369_nI struggled a lot with the idea of backing off from weaving some and not being a production weaver anymore. It has been my life since I started weaving in college in 2007. I bought a loom and never looked back. I had to stop weaving while I was pregnant with E due to not being able to reach the treadles. 🙂

Our farm has also reached a point where it requires more from both Ben and I. We’ve also finally reached the point where we are actually earning an income and able to do a few fun things each week. Balancing being a mama and full time farmer is such a challenge but so very worth it! We are just not like other families. Non-traditional, I think, is what you might call us. E is raised by both Ben and I and sees us equally as much. That is one of the reasons why we chose farming as a career path in the first place! We both felt strongly about the idea of children really knowing both parents and being able to both raise children together. Nothing has changed. E loves Ben almost as much as she loves me. (haha) She cries when he leaves and smiles a big ol’ “I love my daddy” smile when he comes back. When she’s sick or feeling icky bad, she actually prefers to snuggle with Ben. (Which melts my mama’s heart into a puddle on the floor)

So here we are. A new stage of life, a change in a blog. I have stayed away from blogging for a long time because I didn’t feel like I should blog about my life on a weaving blog…Silly, as it’s my life and my blog. I get so worried about pleasing others that I forget what I might need. I think I’d like to simply share my life and my thoughts here. Whatever thoughts I feel might be interesting to other people. I also want to be able to be an encouragement to other mamas out there, if possible. As I stated before, we are non-traditional. I know there have got to be other mamas out there that are also non-traditional that are looking for someone who might be on the same (or similar) path. So here I am! Here I am with my imperfections and mess to share with you! I don’t want to just be another “mom blog”. Because I feel like I am so much more than just a mom. Yes, I am a mom, but I’m also a farmer, a dairyman…person…maid…person, a business owner, as well as a new whitewater kayaker. That’s my life. 🙂 So I want it to be a “that” blog. Whatever you would define me as. Probably just a person. (which I’m okay with!) So here’s to more about life!


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