Knitting addiction

As I sit in the car with my family (mom, dad, and Ben) on our way to PF Chang’s in Nashville for mom’s birthday dinner, I have realized that I have become addicted to knitting. You know the phrase absence makes the heart grow fonder? Well here I am without my knitting and I’ve never wanted to knit more!

I love the feeling of my fingers staying busy while my mind focuses on something else. I love to look down in my lap every now and then and see the progress of the piece I’m working on (generally a hat). I love the quiet sound of the metal needles clicking against each other as I make the next loop. It feels as though I’m missing a friend on this lovely spontaneous road trip we’re on. I didn’t realize til now how much nervous energy I release by keeping my hands busy. (in case you don’t know, I have a lot of nervous energy) it’s strange to be without my constant companion of idleness. I’m sure the moment I get home I shall run to my knitting bag and.begin a new project so I can make up for lost time.