I’m daydreaming a bit this morning. As you may know, we have sheep. We don’t have a lot of them right now. Just 7. Currently, I do all the shearing myself and I don’t do anything special to protect their wool coats.

I was daydreaming about how lovely it would be to be able to send off nicely sheared fleeces to a fiber processing place and have it sent back to me as beautiful, spun yarn.

Okay. Don’t get me wrong, I love hand spinning. It’s calming, meditative and relaxing. But it’s not something I can see myself really doing on a regular basis. And definitely not for production weaving. It just isn’t cost effective. Also, my back muscles only have a certain amount of stamina each day. And most of those get used for milking, farm chores and weaving. Can’t really throw something else in there.

However, I still love the idea of using wool from my own sheep to make yarn which then gets woven into different things to sell. I would love for my fleece to be sent back in clean cones of yarn! I could then dye the yarn and turn it into something lovely.

Alas, I don’t have enough sheep yet. I may try to contact someone next year about getting them sheared. It was a bit of a trial this year. None of them would hold still and I have no idea how to hold them so that they relax. I may contact the ag. department at the college in town and see if they know of anyone who would shear for me. And if I could save the wool, even better!

My Tunis sheep really do have lovely wool. My ram, especially. I only saved two small ziplock bags of wool from this year’s shearing. But I’m not good enough at shearing to make the wool worth saving yet.

Like I said, a bit of daydreaming for me this morning. 🙂 I think I have a bit of a hankering to weave with some wool. May have to do something about that. 🙂


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