A bit of bragging?

Alright. The fall TACA fair was a few weeks ago and, despite a few strange, drunk, possibly homeless men hitting on me, everything went beautifully!!

Before the show I purchased a display system called grid wall. I’d seen systems like this used in other booths and decided it would really help my booth setup. I wanted a more professional and “cleaner” looking display. Something that took the guesswork out of shopping for the customer.

Post fair: I could not be happier with my decision to buy this display system. It was pretty simple to assemble, brain dead easy to set up all my work on and it displayed the work SO well!! 🙂 very happy.

Okay, a bit of bragging. First let me begin by explaining that the fall fair is a lot harder to get into because it is opened not only to TN residents but all artists in the country. Each booth is juried at the fair and given an “on site” score where the highest possible score is a 7. You must receive at least a 4.8 on your score to be pre-accepted to the next fall fair. Pre-acception means you do not have to go through the jurying process for that fair. No image submission. Last year I got into the fall fair from the waiting list. Someone cancelled and I got in. I was not pre-accepted to this year’s fall fair due to my onsite score being too low. I applied to the fall fair this year and was accepted instead of being wait listed. I was really encouraged that my work was improving!

This year I hoped to improve my onsite score from last year but still didn’t expect to be pre-accepted because I still feel I have a lot of improving to do.

Okay. After all that, I just received notification tonight that I have been pre-accepted to the fall 2013 fair!! My score was 5.2 out of 7. I’m pretty happy with that. It’s an improvement from my spring score! Considering this was the first time I used my new display system, i think I did pretty well!

As far as work in the studio, I am hand dyeing most of my yarn now and currently playing with color and pattern in Bronson lace. 🙂 trying to replenish my inventory from the fall fair and several gallery deliveries.

I need to be making work consistently now, which is a really exciting feeling. I feel like weaving is actually starting to become a small business and I love it! Even the business side of it. Who knew?

I am thankful and happy and encouraged. 🙂


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