The big news!

I still feel slightly apprehensive about announcing this but I can’t sit on it anymore! Ready?!


What else could it have really been?? I have been researching this loom and searching for it for probably close to two years now. It’s a Macomber CP loom (Baby Mac). 20″ weaving width, add-a-harness currently with 6 harnesses and room for two more! Here are the pictures the lady sent me:

All folded up!

Opened up.

As you can see from the photos, it’s pretty small. I wanted a loom that I could devote to narrower projects instead of having to put everything on my big 48″ Mac. Although I still love my big Mac dearly, I am  beyond excited to be getting a small one as well! But the good news does not stop there.

Okay here’s the story:
I have been checking craigslist fairly consistently for the past 2 months looking for a portable loom. Ben and I decided I really needed another loom after the last TACA fair. Anyway, I found an ad for a portable Macomber loom on craigslist. The only issue was that it was in Ft. Myers, FL…I was disappointed. Why? About 2 months ago I emailed a lady in Lawrence, KS about another Baby Mac loom. I was extremely interested in buying it from her but I couldn’t drive all the way out there to get it. I asked if she was willing to ship it but she said absolutely not. It had to be pick up only. 😦 Naturally, when I saw the ad for the loom in FL, I assumed they would say the same thing. Pick up only. Not willing to ship. I decided to email them anyway and just ask. I replied to the ad and waited…A week went by so I emailed again to see if the loom was still available. Still nothing. I assumed the loom had sold and they were ignoring emails regarding the ad. Bummer. Over the next week I kept looking for looms. The ad for the Ft Myers loom wasn’t expiring or being deleted and no new Baby Macs were coming up. …Actually, I think one did but it was more expensive than the loom would be new so I didn’t email about that one! On a whim I decided to email one last time basically PLEADING to know if the loom was still available because if it was, I was VERY interested in buying it! I think it was either that evening or the next morning but I got a reply! It WAS still available! I quickly replied and asked if they were willing to ship as I was in TN and couldn’t drive 14+ hours to Ft Myers to pick it up. The lady was very willing to work with me on shipping and was even kind enough to offer to ship it via Greyhound bus because she had done that with some furniture for her son and said it was cheaper! I thanked her but said that since I live in the country it would make more sense to just ship it UPS so I wouldn’t have to be at a bus stop an hour+ away from my house at a certain time.

Okay the loom was GREAT. But the deal got better. The woman said she also had shuttles, books and a few other items that she was selling as well. Two warping boards (one LeClerc, one Harrisville Designs) as well as a drum carder! (A Patrick Green drum carder)

The many shuttles I’m getting!

Plus a stack of books!

Okay so 9 shuttles (3 of which are boat shuttles), two warping boards, a drum carder and a loom! It’s practically a whole studio! (minus a bobbin winder which I don’t need anyway) Normally I wouldn’t mention prices but all that for $652 dollars! Yeah. The loom new is $1,100. The warping boards are probably $150 each, the boat shuttles are $40 dollars each and the books are probably somewhere around $20 dollars each. I am STOKED! The sweet lady said she will be shipping everything out today and UPS said it would take about 4 days to get here. That means I’ll have to wait through the weekend but that’s okay. 🙂 It’ll be worth it.
I will likely be placing an order from Macomber as well for a few odds and ends. I’m not sure what dent the reed is that comes with the loom so I’ll wait and see what that is. Hopefully it’ll be a fairly normal size. 6, 8, 10 or 12 dpi. Reeds are a lot cheaper for smaller looms and so are the add-a-harness units. (Like half the price)

Well anyway, that’s the big news! I can’t wait for my little loom to arrive! I’ll have room for this little beauty right in my living room! And it only weighs 50 pounds so I can easily take it to shows and demonstrate right there! Or perhaps use it as part of my display. Maybe it will help people understand what it is that I actually do! A lot of customers come into my booth and they have no clue what part of my work is handmade. They can’t imagine hand weaving cloth. 🙂 I am so happy and excited about my Baby Mac! I can’t WAIT for it to be here so I can start weaving up a storm on it! I’m off to plan a project to put on it as soon as it gets here!!


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