Weaving update!

Somehow in the midst of all the craziness this week, I have had time for weaving. Although most of this post is from events from last week.

If you remember, I recently bought 50lbs of Tencel yarn from a lady in CA.
Well the yarn came last week on Monday afternoon!

Yeah…lots of yarn…Monday afternoon was spent winding the yarn into a warp and winding a skein of yarn on my swift for weft.

Lovely yarn all wound up!
On Wednesday I soaked the yarn and prepared the dyes I would be using. I then put the warp and weft skein into plastic bags and poured in the dye. I let them sit for a full 24 hours.

Warp yarns on right, weft yarns on left.

I rinsed them out on Thursday morning before I had to get ready for market. The dye is a bit more inconsistent than I would have liked, but not bad. I like some serendipity in dyeing. It took TWO DAYS to dry but I got the warp on the loom and started weaving this week! The colors did not come out as different as I wanted them to so I’ve had to switch my weft color to something that will show the lovely twill pattern I’m using. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the fabric yet but I figure I’ll weave it and then sew it into something. We’ll see. I’m getting at least one shawl out of it and then weaving up the rest into just cloth to make shrugs or something with. It was a sample warp to test the pattern, dyeing, etc. Can’t wait to be done so I can get the next warp on! Hopefully I’ll be able to be more intentional about the dyeing this time…I think I just hate solid shade dyeing. I may try a painted warp for my next trick! 🙂

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