Another milestone!

Another milestone in our house today! We have a working stove!! Ben worked on wiring all day yesterday and made excellent progress. Today, he was able to hook up our stove so I can cook in our own house!! Granted, we still lack counter tops, a refrigerator and running water, but dishes can be washed at the in-laws, food can be stored in one of the many freezers and fridges we own on the farm and water? Well I can keep gallon jugs of it stored in our house. The main thing is, I can make simple things. For one thing I can BAKE!! Cookies, brownies, all sorts of yummies and I can make simple meals that don’t require a lot of preparation. Pizza, casseroles, roast chicken, etc. I even have a broiler in my oven. 🙂 YAY!

The other totally awesome thing about our lovely stove is that it only cost us $5 dollars. Yes, $5. There was an auction at our church to get rid of some things that were in the buildings that got torn down before they started construction on our new church building and one of them was a stove. They said the items would go to the highest bidders. Well my father-in-law bid $5 dollars on the stove just to see what would happen and no one else bid so we ended up getting it! It’s a nice electric stove and I am quite thankful for it!

I’m afraid cows are calling me to come and milk them so I shall go for now. I just wanted to share a small way in which God shows us His goodness and blessings. Simple things should be the things we treasure. 🙂


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