Monday, Monday

“It must be [Monday]…I could never get the hang of [Mondays].” -Arthur Dent, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

SO true! (Although Arthur says this about Thursdays). I always seem to start Mondays behind and then it seems like it stays that way all day and often into Tuesdays as well. Ugh.

We got up late this morning which means my cows got milked late which means I have to milk my cows later tonight than I really want to…But trying to dwell on more positive things, we had a little lambie born on Saturday night!! She is absolutely beautiful. And ENORMOUS!! haha. 🙂 She’s two days old today and the same size as our little boy sheep who is two weeks old! …She’s actually a bit bigger…

Tunis are SUCH a wonderful breed of sheep. Granted, I’ve only experienced Suffolk sheep besides Tunis, but the Tunis are SO much better than the Suffolk. My Suffolk ladies are high strung and jumpy and don’t do well on an all grass diet or poorer pasture (Which we’ve had since the summer drought). The Tunis are very friendly and curious, do well on poorer pasture and are generally a lot more pleasant to be around and to handle. My three Suffolk ladies are nearly always convinced of my “apparent” intent to kill them. I have one, Parsley, who will come up to me and sniff me and let me pet her a bit but she runs off quick. Hickory is the youngest of my three Tunis ladies and she always comes right up to me and sniffs me and waits for me to pet her. She’s a real sweetie and so inquisitive. Ahhhh. Sheep are a joy. 🙂 …Most of the time…

Weaving, weaving weaving! I am trying to break out of my weaver’s block. Although I’m still working on shawls/shrugs, I got to try out my new toy. I got a warping paddle for Christmas and Saturday was the first I got to use it. I will admit that it took time to get the hang of it and I still think I’m not sure I’m doing it correctly, but I wound a lovely 7 yarn striped warp using the colors ROY G. BIV. Why not? I’ve never used rainbow colors before and I wanted to test a striping pattern with more than 4 ends in it. I thought the rainbow would be a good place to start. Plus it’s not like a typical rainbow all bright and crayon colored. I used a few bright colors mixed with some lovely subdued colors. A bright red which is next to a rust orange, golden/olivey yellow which is next to a lovely mint green which is next to a bright aqua blue that I hand dyed so it has color variance throughout. The aqua is next to a lovely navy which has undertones of violet (we affectionately refer to this color as Blurple.) which runs next to a lovely royal purple. OY! Sounds complicated, but it’s not. 🙂

I am trying to plan other projects for the upcoming Spring TACA Fair in May but I’m still sort of stumbling around unsure of what to make…I think part of it is because my focus in life lately has NOT been on my craft but rather on my farm and animals. I hope I’m able to shift my focus soon back to weaving. I suppose I should be working on that now rather than blogging but sometimes I just want to write something. Writing is always therapeutic and sometimes helps me work through ideas that I have. I suppose I shall close for now. 🙂


One thought on “Monday, Monday

  1. It’s really good to see an update from you (there have probably been others, but I hadn’t updated much over the last 2 months and hadn’t seen my blog reader, so I wouldn’t know), so I’m glad you took the time even if you had other things you should have been working on. 🙂 Can’t wait to see pictures of the rainbow cloth when it comes together!

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