It’s here! It’s here!

Mac is FINALLY HERE!! (If you’re unfamiliar with my blog, Mac is my 48″ Macomber weaving loom)

This past weekend I volunteered to take my brother-in-law to a concerto competition audition (That’s fun to say…) in Maryville. The only downside was he had to be there by 9am….eastern time…we’re on central time. Why is this bad? It’s a two and a half hour drive to Maryville. We got up at 5am and drove 2 and a half hours for approximately 30 minutes. 15 minutes waiting, an 8 minute piece, another 5 or so packing up, you get the idea. That’s the life of a musician. We were discussing that on the way back home and Byron made the point that musicians practice a piece for approximately 8-9 months and it’s over in about 8-15 minutes. You gotta really love whatcha do. 🙂 But I totally understand something like that being worth it if you have a passion for it.

ANYWAY. All that to say, we drove back to Cookeville instead of the farm because we had to meet up with my padre-in-law at the farmers market to get Byron down to Chatt for another rehearsal/performance.
Ben and I discussed what I would do once my chauffeur duties were over. Ben said that he wanted me to take the afternoon and take apart my loom to prep it for moving out to the farm. What a sweetie!! 🙂 I was SO excited! After awakening from my two hour nap (I got about 4 hours of sleep. I never sleep well when I have to get up early) I took the whole loom apart. And it’s a good thing I had the afternoon! It took longer than I thought it would because I was also organizing all the crap that was around the loom. Fabric, yarn, cardboard, boxes, tools, etc. CRAP! 🙂

This morning we got up a bit late and loaded the loom up on the trailer. It was lighter than the last time I remember lifting it but I think my muscles are stronger now. We also got a huge load of firewood from my parents along with some 2x4s for Ben at work. All that made us a bit late for getting to the farm to milk but I was okay with it.

I haven’t gotten a chance to set up Mac up yet. I spent most of the day sanding the walls down in our bedroom. Hopefully (knock on wood) I’ll be painting it later this week!!

All in all, a pretty exciting Monday. 🙂 I can’t wait to be weaving on Mac again!! Macombers are such well designed looms. They’re so easy to use!

Gotta go for now. I have to milk the cows.