My day

I don’t really have enough time on the computer to blog anymore. 😦 Bummer. Or maybe just time in general. Here’s a look at my day:

Got up at 6:30. Let ducks out and fed them.
Milked 3 cows from 7-8. But in the middle of milking today, a man stopped in to look at the bull calf we have for sale and ended up buying it. Yay! But then I had to help him get the thing into the back of his pickup truck. Good thing the lil’ guy is only 2 months old! And thankfully my awesome brother-in-law was here to help me. All other men were elsewhere this morning.

Milking includes three stages: The actual milking of the cows, straining and bottling and cleaning all the bottling and straining equipment. That normally takes me til about…9? 

After all that was done I went to go get gas in the truck. I put 18 gallons in a 16 gallon tank…We often put off getting gas in our vehicles…
The people at the local gas station probably thought I was crazy because I came back two more times to fill up two other vehicles. 

After gas-getting, we had to get two boy sheep in the barn because they’re going to the butcher shop tomorrow. This involves getting a bucket of grain, avoiding two other species of animals that will run after you for the grain and then yelling at the sheep to come down the hill. They come to the sound of my voice pretty well though. Oh, and it was pouring down rain.
They ate the grain, we dragged them to the barn and locked them in a stall.

I think I sat down for…30 minutes?? (That’s a generous estimate)
Ben called and said he was ready to head up to McMinnville to return the scaffolding we rented last week. He drives over here, picks me up, we drive back to work, load the scaffolding and head to McMinnville.

Once we get there, we return the scaffolding, head to Lowe’s to buy who knows what (we go to a home improvement store like 2-3 times a week) and then head to Wal-Mart to buy groceries.

Of course I pick the slowest line to check out. The lady in front of us, bless her, was buying food items for her church. After ALL the items were scanned and she was about to pay she said to the cashier, “Did you get my tax exempt card??” . . . *sigh*

At this point we head home. We’re home by 3:00pm. We unload groceries, put them away and sit for about 5 minutes talking to Byron and Molly. Now we have to get the cows that are also going to the butcher tomorrow in the trailer.

Getting the cows in involves:
Retrieving trailer from lower field
Pumping up trailer tires
Loading 8 corral panels onto OTHER trailer
Hauling both trailers using the tractor and our truck over to the cow field.
Getting grain
Setting up corral panels to coax cows in
Coaxing cows in…(Not so easy)
Actually getting cows in the trailer
Letting some cows out and keeping others in
Giving up completely on one cow because we chased him around two pastures for an hour.
Disassembling corral panels
Hauling cows, trailers and helpers back to the farm.

At that point it was 5pm, completely dark and Ben still had to take the cows and sheep down the absolutely terrifying hill to the butcher shop. There are 4 hairpin turns down a very, very steep hill. And he’s in a truck that has bad brakes and bad power steering. 

Milking again at 7, straining and bottling, washing out all equipment. 

Around 8 or 8:30 we’ll eat dinner after which I will pass out and start tomorrow.  
Life on the farm. Never a dull moment.


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