Fall TACA Fair 2011

As you know if you keep up with my blog, I recently got off the waiting list for the fall TACA fair and into a booth. Well lemme tell ya, this has been one crazy ride. I spent a whirlwind three weeks weaving scarf after scarf and knitting hat after hat. AND felting soap after soap.

The fall fair was this past weekend and the weather was GLORIOUS! Set up was Thursday morning and everything went really smoothly. (Other than some minor problems with my stupidity in staking my tent’s legs wider than 10×10 and causing a zipper pull to pop off. I fixed it so it’s all good) I changed around my booth design a bit from spring and was able to give myself a place to sit that was out of the way of customers browsing my wares. I will likely still change the booth design again, but it’s getting there. 🙂

Friday morning my sister-in-law (Molly) and I got up at 6am to drive to Nashville for the show. We made our coffee and got on the road! It was gray and rainy so when we arrived the booth was wet and we had to do some rearranging so damp items could dry out and such. Fridays are always slower due to the fact that most people are still at work. We had a bit of a “rush” around lunch time as people were on their lunch breaks and stopped by the fair but nothing really spectacular. I actually nearly made my booth fee on Friday so Saturday started in the black.

Friday night we spent at my wonderful friend Emma’s house who was gracious enough to let us stay there even though she wasn’t going to be there that weekend! She was also sweet enough to make dinner for us before she left for Knoxville to do a home show for her and her father’s company.

Saturday morning was, again, early due to the women’s half marathon taking place in downtown Nashville. TACA had sent an email to exhibitors saying that if you wanted to get to the fair without delays, you would have to be there by 7am. (Which meant getting up at 6am to get ready)
Other than the early morning, the day went wonderfully! Busy, sunny, lots of sales, lots of fun!

We drove back to my parents house in Cookeville on Saturday night and stayed over so Molly could get to church in the morning and go home with her folks. Ben came with me on Sunday morning and helped me out in the booth all day. Another lovely, sunny day. I figured I wouldn’t make much in sales since Sunday is usually a slower day too. I don’t think I actually sold anything til about 1 that afternoon and people had been perusing since 9am. It turned out that I actually made MORE sales Sunday than I did on Saturday! We stayed open til the bitter end and then some. I actually sold nearly $100 dollars worth of stuff around 5-5:30 (Show technically closes at 5pm) because I was one of the few booths not shutting down quite yet. 🙂

I borrowed my mom’s credit card machine for this show and lemme tell ya, I’m never going without one again. I did 2/3 of my sales on that thing. I did discover that Bank of America cards are a little glitchy though. If I tried to run them as debits, they would lock the machine up and I’d have to turn it off and turn it back on. It was weird.

Anyway, all in all, it was a WONDERFUL weekend! Molly and I had so much fun. And I was so happy to have Ben with me on Sunday. Can’t wait to do it again in the spring!! I have to build up my inventory though because I’m running out of nearly everything! (YAY!)


A balanced diet

Hopefully by the end of today I will have finished my 6th scarf this week. Three rayon scarves and three cotton scarves, all canvas weave. 🙂 I’m LOVING the cotton. It’s like I forget how wonderful cotton is between times of using it. It tensions so easily and nicely, it’s crisp and clean and soft all at the same time. I also love the cotton I’m using because it’s mustard yellow and I tend to get obsessed with mustard yellow when fall is coming.

The Weather Channel is saying it’s not supposed to get above 67 on Monday. I can’t wait!! Jackets, hoodies, hats and leggings season is coming and I’m so excited! I’ve decided I really like cold weather. I like the clothes you get to wear in cold weather and I’d almost always rather be cold than hot. Hot is just so miserable! It makes my head hurt and my feet swell. haha. I sound like an old lady. I just can’t wait for COLD!! And BOOTS!! Who could forget BOOTS?!

I finally got my batch of 100 chicks yesterday! My rare/exotic breed is a feather footed chick. Even though it’s likely a female, I named it Sir Feather Foot of the Feather Foot Clan. We all decided this was an awesome name for a chicken that has feathers on its feet.
As of yesterday, I’ve only had a few chicks with problems. One had a pasty bum which just meant I had to clean it off so the chick didn’t get clogged up, one was gimping around the brooder box on an injured leg and one has something wrong with her eye. I think she might have just gotten pecked by another chick, but nothing is really serious so far. I’m in town at my parents house for the morning so I won’t see the chicks again til this afternoon. But my mother-in-law is watching them for me and she’s wonderful with animals so I’m not concerned. And they’ve raised hundreds of chickens.

As far as the house goes, I finished the third and final coat of mud in the “Spare ‘Oom” (as they say in Narnia) so it, in addition to the living room, is ready to be sanded and then painted. We bought five gallons of our paint color last week at Lowe’s. I can’t wait to get it on the walls!! I have to have the paint all done and ready to go before it gets cold enough to use the wood stove. But I think that can happen pretty easily.

Anyway, I’m off to a wedding shower for a friend. 🙂 …Well, shower, wind warp and then off to a wedding shower. Gotta get your priorities right, ya know.