Back to full time artist

I suppose I’m back to being a full time artist for a month at least. I got into the Fall TACA Fair!! I applied…gracious! In July! And was notified on August 1 that I had been put on the waiting list if a booth space happened to open up. That was kind of discouraging. I tried not to let it get to me because I know this show is bigger and they accept artists from all over the country rather than just artists from TN. That being said, I’m all the more encouraged that I got into this show! Perhaps I’m actually good at this? My confidence was wavering but this was a huge boost.

Now I have to start weaving, weaving, weaving! I’m planning on weaving up mostly wearables since that’s what sold at the spring fair. I’m also planning on making everything pretty simple since I only have…24 days to weave up a bunch of stuff!

I have SO much to do! I need to order new business cards, felt more soap, weave scarves and shawls and lots of wearables, come up with a new booth design, build scarf racks not to mention going through everything I currently have in inventory to see if I have enough stuff.

I’m trying really hard not to buy more yarn since I have a TON of it still from the other many times I’ve bought yarn. I have yarns mostly suited to scarves and wearables so I think this shouldn’t be a problem. We shall see. I may end up making an order from Webs anyway, but like I said, I’m trying not to. …I’ll just order more yarn AFTER the show! haha.

Well as exciting as all this is, I DO still live on a farm and I’m going to pick up a batch of 100 baby chicks sometime today! Can’t wait to see what my free, rare and exotic breed of chicken is. I’m off!


2 thoughts on “Back to full time artist

  1. JoAnna I am so excited for you! And I’m pretty sure this is a big deal, to be among artists from all over the country! Yay! I know you will get lots done.

  2. I love it! As kids, we used to buy hundreds of trading and collectible card game cards to get a couple of rare and exotic ones. As an adult, you’re buying hundreds of live chicks and getting a free, rare, exotic breed of chicken! So much cooler than a paper Pokemon card. ^_~

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