This is the cold that never ends!

Yep. I’m STILL sick. It’s been 6 days of misery. 😦 Last night was the first night that I was cough free all night. But then this morning I’m hacking all over again with a vengeance. It’s not fun at all. I was hoping I’d be up and at ’em by today and back to working on my house. But apparently not. Once I stopped coughing long enough to swallow I took my daytime cough syrup and Tylenol for my throat. I feel a Lord of the Rings marathon coming on today.

I may also try to start a new scarf warp today but I’m not entirely sure what pattern to do next. I have a list of several drafts I wanted to test out. All of them are pretty common but I’ve never woven them. Bronson lace was one of these. There’s also Swedish lace (which looks very similar to Bronson), Canvas, which I actually have woven but not with rayon. I’ve also woven Huck lace before but I may weave up some more scarves using that draft because it’s so fun. I’ve also been meaning to try M’s and O’s and never have. I also like Crackle, Honeycomb, and Overshot but those all have an alternating tabby pick which I don’t want to mess with right now. I’m trying to weave scarves up quickly for show season.

As always, my mom and I will be in the Fall Fun Fest the weekend of Sept. 9(? I think it’s that weekend). I will also have my work at the Mountaineer Festival at Fall Creek Falls (most likely) which is the same weekend but my in-laws will be going to that one. I’ll likely physically be at Fun Fest with my mom in Cookeville because she’ll be alone and the in-laws have multiple people to help at that booth.

I’m not sure if there’s one in between those two and the TACA fair but I will also be at the fall TACA fair in the Chapter booth. I won’t have to be there the whole weekend though which is nice. I just have to work a shift or two. If I end up getting called about having an actual booth for the fair, I won’t be in the chapter booth but I don’t really see that happening. It’s a pretty big show. I should get more business cards printed….hmmm…

I am really hoping Cookeville does the Picasso Doesn’t Live Here show again like last year. What a fun show! It’s specifically for crafts which was wonderful! Last year was the first year they did it and it was a huge success. I hope they do it again this year, like I said before.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be better soon. I am SOOOO tired of coughing constantly. 😦


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