I wonder…

I wonder how many posts I’ve entitled “blerg”? …Probably quite a few. This is sort of another one.

This week had been going really well. We got here Monday morning and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the day but I ended up getting a lot done. I wove up another Bronson Lace scarf and worked on the corner tape in the house a bit. (putting more coats on). I think we may have fenced but that might have been yesterday.

Anyway, Tuesday went well too. I wound off another warp for MORE Bronson Lace scarves (which I’m pretty excited about. They’re in a really dark plum-y/purple. All my other warps have been tans and neutrals) and I made Beef Stroganoff for dinner using some of our own stew meat from our cows. It was delish! After dinner I started coughing and I thought I must just have some drywall dust in my lungs (typical when you’re living in an unfinished house) but I woke up this morning and i was siiiiiiiiick. 😦

I have a cough that’s dry and annoying, a scratchy throat, no energy and no appetite. It’s miserable. I’m hoping I won’t have this evil virus for too long. I’m trying to drink water but it aggravates my throat. 😦

I will most likely be going to our new Thursday farmer’s market tomorrow which takes place at the Blue Cross Blue Shield office buildings in Chatt. It’s for BCBS employees so when they come out of work, they can just pick up stuff for dinner rather than having to go to the store. We only did it for the first time last week, but it seems like a good market. Anyway, hopefully I’ll feel well enough to go to that. I slept in this morning and took a nap this afternoon. I’m hoping sleep will help get me better faster.

We’re still working on that same ol’ fence, trying to get it put in. When we do, I’ll be able to go pick up my three Tunis ewes I’ve “reserved”. I’m pretty excited!! Breeding season is upon us which means that about 5 months from now we’ll be naming baby goats and lambs all over the place! Birthing season is basically my favorite time of year. 🙂 There’s nothing more fun than delivering baby animals, watching them grow and getting to name all of them! And this year we get lambs AND kids! So fun!!

Oh not to mention we’ll have calves in October! Both our Devon mamas and our two Hereford mamas are preggo and will deliver sometime in October/November. Cannot. Wait. Just gotta keep looking ahead to positive things rather than getting stuck on the negative.

Another reminder to myself: when we get this pasture done, Ben and I can buy milk cows! MORE animals to name! (Can you tell that’s like my favorite activity?) And jerseys are so CUTE! See? Staying positive. I can do this! 🙂


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