Weaving again

I’ve been staying away from the loom because I’ve been too busy trying to finish my house!! I have color (just tinted primer…but paint soon) on the walls and ceiling of the kitchen and I’m SO close to being able to prime and paint the bathroom!!! Really exciting.

Anyway, I said I’ve been weaving again. I started off tying onto a plain weave scarf warp because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and didn’t feel like dressing the entire loom all over again. I wove one scarf in plain weave and in between that and the next one I looked over my Handweaver’s Pattern Directory for some interesting pattern to use. I wanted something that I could use an open weave/loose sett with because I’m kinda obsessed with loose setts lately…Anyway I was browsing the lace weaves and came across Bronson Lace. I’d woven Huck Lace before and loved it but I wanted a more…geometric pattern? I guess.

I was told by my housing and design professor in college that I’m very robotic when I design because I like straight, clean lines. Very simple, nothing super fancy. I always kind of resented that comment because I felt like I was anything BUT robotic. But I’m coming to terms with the fact that it’s okay to like straight, clean lines. I think that might be one reason why I love weaving: Yarns intersecting at 90 degree angles. I love right angles! They’re straight! 🙂

So the Bronson lace I chose creates beautiful blocks by framing a square in lacy floats. I’m using my handy 6-ply rayon that I have something like 15-20 cones of (it was so STINKIN CHEAP!!). I’ll be sad when that yarn runs out. But it looks REALLY good with this draft. It’s approximately the size of a 5/2 cotton and I have it sett at 10epi. So really loose. I think the recommended sett for 5/2 cotton is like 15-18epi. But it works PERFECTLY for a lace weave. I’ll try to get some pictures but it just may not happen cause I don’t currently own a camera that works. I have three that don’t but who’s counting?

I hope to finish up the second batch of three sometime this week between sanding, mudding and painting my walls in my house.


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