I realized I didn’t really write any update in that last post! Silly me.

I haven’t been writing much because we’ve been having some issues with our goats and sheep on the farm. Since there hasn’t been much rain at all in the past two months, our pastures are pretty low. Both species are eating really low to the ground because there just isn’t much above about 2 inches. Well the problem with that is that there are worms that live in pastures that can only climb 2 inches and down. Right where the animals are eating. Barber pole worms (Sp?). They’re evil. We lost one goat to resistant worms. It was really scary! One day he was fine and then about 36-48 hours later he died. 😦 He was also the buck we were planning on keeping as our new breeder.

After Pippin’s death we checked every single one of our 51 goats and 7 sheep for anemia (which is a symptom of severe worms) Many of them were anemic so we wormed and gave iron shots. Unfortunately, we used Ivermectin (a pretty strong wormer) and it didn’t work. The worms in this area are resistant to that particular wormer. Or at least these worms were. So we had to buy Cydectin which is a really strong wormer. Vets try to discourage using this because if worms become resistant to Cydectin, everyone in the country with ruminant animals are totally screwed. There is no other wormer to try after that.

Anyway, one of my sheep developed a very mild case of bottle jaw, along with two of the goats. We wormed them with the Cydectin and then gave them iron shots to combat the anemia. The two goats’ bottle jaw got worse and then went away and my sheep (#39, Lana – Meaning wool in Italian) got all better really quick. They still need better pasture but we’re waiting on rain! And they are recovering. Anyway, we’ve been dealing with that for 2 weeks and I haven’t had time to post anything.

In other news, I had applied to the fall TACA fair which is in September and I got word back that I’ve been wait listed. I’m pretty sure I won’t get in, but I’m actually okay with that because this way I won’t have to change focus from working on the house to weaving like a mad woman. I really want to live in a whole house instead of just a bedroom. That would be nice. 🙂

Anyway, that’s all the big stuff going on lately. Worms and waiting lists. Awesome. And lots of work on the house and some work on the new fence.

Ben’s been working 12+ hours a day at work for the past two weeks so that’s kinda sucked…The money doesn’t but I would rather he didn’t have to work 12-16 hours a day. He said tonight’s gonna be late too. Ugh. 😦 Poor fellow. Okay. I need to go see about dinner makings.

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