Back to full time artist

I suppose I’m back to being a full time artist for a month at least. I got into the Fall TACA Fair!! I applied…gracious! In July! And was notified on August 1 that I had been put on the waiting list if a booth space happened to open up. That was kind of discouraging. I tried not to let it get to me because I know this show is bigger and they accept artists from all over the country rather than just artists from TN. That being said, I’m all the more encouraged that I got into this show! Perhaps I’m actually good at this? My confidence was wavering but this was a huge boost.

Now I have to start weaving, weaving, weaving! I’m planning on weaving up mostly wearables since that’s what sold at the spring fair. I’m also planning on making everything pretty simple since I only have…24 days to weave up a bunch of stuff!

I have SO much to do! I need to order new business cards, felt more soap, weave scarves and shawls and lots of wearables, come up with a new booth design, build scarf racks not to mention going through everything I currently have in inventory to see if I have enough stuff.

I’m trying really hard not to buy more yarn since I have a TON of it still from the other many times I’ve bought yarn. I have yarns mostly suited to scarves and wearables so I think this shouldn’t be a problem. We shall see. I may end up making an order from Webs anyway, but like I said, I’m trying not to. …I’ll just order more yarn AFTER the show! haha.

Well as exciting as all this is, I DO still live on a farm and I’m going to pick up a batch of 100 baby chicks sometime today! Can’t wait to see what my free, rare and exotic breed of chicken is. I’m off!


This is the cold that never ends!

Yep. I’m STILL sick. It’s been 6 days of misery. 😦 Last night was the first night that I was cough free all night. But then this morning I’m hacking all over again with a vengeance. It’s not fun at all. I was hoping I’d be up and at ’em by today and back to working on my house. But apparently not. Once I stopped coughing long enough to swallow I took my daytime cough syrup and Tylenol for my throat. I feel a Lord of the Rings marathon coming on today.

I may also try to start a new scarf warp today but I’m not entirely sure what pattern to do next. I have a list of several drafts I wanted to test out. All of them are pretty common but I’ve never woven them. Bronson lace was one of these. There’s also Swedish lace (which looks very similar to Bronson), Canvas, which I actually have woven but not with rayon. I’ve also woven Huck lace before but I may weave up some more scarves using that draft because it’s so fun. I’ve also been meaning to try M’s and O’s and never have. I also like Crackle, Honeycomb, and Overshot but those all have an alternating tabby pick which I don’t want to mess with right now. I’m trying to weave scarves up quickly for show season.

As always, my mom and I will be in the Fall Fun Fest the weekend of Sept. 9(? I think it’s that weekend). I will also have my work at the Mountaineer Festival at Fall Creek Falls (most likely) which is the same weekend but my in-laws will be going to that one. I’ll likely physically be at Fun Fest with my mom in Cookeville because she’ll be alone and the in-laws have multiple people to help at that booth.

I’m not sure if there’s one in between those two and the TACA fair but I will also be at the fall TACA fair in the Chapter booth. I won’t have to be there the whole weekend though which is nice. I just have to work a shift or two. If I end up getting called about having an actual booth for the fair, I won’t be in the chapter booth but I don’t really see that happening. It’s a pretty big show. I should get more business cards printed….hmmm…

I am really hoping Cookeville does the Picasso Doesn’t Live Here show again like last year. What a fun show! It’s specifically for crafts which was wonderful! Last year was the first year they did it and it was a huge success. I hope they do it again this year, like I said before.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be better soon. I am SOOOO tired of coughing constantly. 😦

I wonder…

I wonder how many posts I’ve entitled “blerg”? …Probably quite a few. This is sort of another one.

This week had been going really well. We got here Monday morning and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the day but I ended up getting a lot done. I wove up another Bronson Lace scarf and worked on the corner tape in the house a bit. (putting more coats on). I think we may have fenced but that might have been yesterday.

Anyway, Tuesday went well too. I wound off another warp for MORE Bronson Lace scarves (which I’m pretty excited about. They’re in a really dark plum-y/purple. All my other warps have been tans and neutrals) and I made Beef Stroganoff for dinner using some of our own stew meat from our cows. It was delish! After dinner I started coughing and I thought I must just have some drywall dust in my lungs (typical when you’re living in an unfinished house) but I woke up this morning and i was siiiiiiiiick. 😦

I have a cough that’s dry and annoying, a scratchy throat, no energy and no appetite. It’s miserable. I’m hoping I won’t have this evil virus for too long. I’m trying to drink water but it aggravates my throat. 😦

I will most likely be going to our new Thursday farmer’s market tomorrow which takes place at the Blue Cross Blue Shield office buildings in Chatt. It’s for BCBS employees so when they come out of work, they can just pick up stuff for dinner rather than having to go to the store. We only did it for the first time last week, but it seems like a good market. Anyway, hopefully I’ll feel well enough to go to that. I slept in this morning and took a nap this afternoon. I’m hoping sleep will help get me better faster.

We’re still working on that same ol’ fence, trying to get it put in. When we do, I’ll be able to go pick up my three Tunis ewes I’ve “reserved”. I’m pretty excited!! Breeding season is upon us which means that about 5 months from now we’ll be naming baby goats and lambs all over the place! Birthing season is basically my favorite time of year. 🙂 There’s nothing more fun than delivering baby animals, watching them grow and getting to name all of them! And this year we get lambs AND kids! So fun!!

Oh not to mention we’ll have calves in October! Both our Devon mamas and our two Hereford mamas are preggo and will deliver sometime in October/November. Cannot. Wait. Just gotta keep looking ahead to positive things rather than getting stuck on the negative.

Another reminder to myself: when we get this pasture done, Ben and I can buy milk cows! MORE animals to name! (Can you tell that’s like my favorite activity?) And jerseys are so CUTE! See? Staying positive. I can do this! 🙂


I realized I didn’t really write any update in that last post! Silly me.

I haven’t been writing much because we’ve been having some issues with our goats and sheep on the farm. Since there hasn’t been much rain at all in the past two months, our pastures are pretty low. Both species are eating really low to the ground because there just isn’t much above about 2 inches. Well the problem with that is that there are worms that live in pastures that can only climb 2 inches and down. Right where the animals are eating. Barber pole worms (Sp?). They’re evil. We lost one goat to resistant worms. It was really scary! One day he was fine and then about 36-48 hours later he died. 😦 He was also the buck we were planning on keeping as our new breeder.

After Pippin’s death we checked every single one of our 51 goats and 7 sheep for anemia (which is a symptom of severe worms) Many of them were anemic so we wormed and gave iron shots. Unfortunately, we used Ivermectin (a pretty strong wormer) and it didn’t work. The worms in this area are resistant to that particular wormer. Or at least these worms were. So we had to buy Cydectin which is a really strong wormer. Vets try to discourage using this because if worms become resistant to Cydectin, everyone in the country with ruminant animals are totally screwed. There is no other wormer to try after that.

Anyway, one of my sheep developed a very mild case of bottle jaw, along with two of the goats. We wormed them with the Cydectin and then gave them iron shots to combat the anemia. The two goats’ bottle jaw got worse and then went away and my sheep (#39, Lana – Meaning wool in Italian) got all better really quick. They still need better pasture but we’re waiting on rain! And they are recovering. Anyway, we’ve been dealing with that for 2 weeks and I haven’t had time to post anything.

In other news, I had applied to the fall TACA fair which is in September and I got word back that I’ve been wait listed. I’m pretty sure I won’t get in, but I’m actually okay with that because this way I won’t have to change focus from working on the house to weaving like a mad woman. I really want to live in a whole house instead of just a bedroom. That would be nice. 🙂

Anyway, that’s all the big stuff going on lately. Worms and waiting lists. Awesome. And lots of work on the house and some work on the new fence.

Ben’s been working 12+ hours a day at work for the past two weeks so that’s kinda sucked…The money doesn’t but I would rather he didn’t have to work 12-16 hours a day. He said tonight’s gonna be late too. Ugh. 😦 Poor fellow. Okay. I need to go see about dinner makings.

Weaving again

I’ve been staying away from the loom because I’ve been too busy trying to finish my house!! I have color (just tinted primer…but paint soon) on the walls and ceiling of the kitchen and I’m SO close to being able to prime and paint the bathroom!!! Really exciting.

Anyway, I said I’ve been weaving again. I started off tying onto a plain weave scarf warp because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and didn’t feel like dressing the entire loom all over again. I wove one scarf in plain weave and in between that and the next one I looked over my Handweaver’s Pattern Directory for some interesting pattern to use. I wanted something that I could use an open weave/loose sett with because I’m kinda obsessed with loose setts lately…Anyway I was browsing the lace weaves and came across Bronson Lace. I’d woven Huck Lace before and loved it but I wanted a more…geometric pattern? I guess.

I was told by my housing and design professor in college that I’m very robotic when I design because I like straight, clean lines. Very simple, nothing super fancy. I always kind of resented that comment because I felt like I was anything BUT robotic. But I’m coming to terms with the fact that it’s okay to like straight, clean lines. I think that might be one reason why I love weaving: Yarns intersecting at 90 degree angles. I love right angles! They’re straight! 🙂

So the Bronson lace I chose creates beautiful blocks by framing a square in lacy floats. I’m using my handy 6-ply rayon that I have something like 15-20 cones of (it was so STINKIN CHEAP!!). I’ll be sad when that yarn runs out. But it looks REALLY good with this draft. It’s approximately the size of a 5/2 cotton and I have it sett at 10epi. So really loose. I think the recommended sett for 5/2 cotton is like 15-18epi. But it works PERFECTLY for a lace weave. I’ll try to get some pictures but it just may not happen cause I don’t currently own a camera that works. I have three that don’t but who’s counting?

I hope to finish up the second batch of three sometime this week between sanding, mudding and painting my walls in my house.