Life update!

I’ve been so busy this past week! (Do I start all my posts like this? …Can’t help it…) Lately I’ve been working mostly on the house and that’s about it. Ben finished building the floor and last wall for the bathroom so my job this week was to find the studs in the wall, screw in the sheet rock, tape the joints, mud everything and then sand it all down. I did everything except the second coat of mud and the sanding in one day. It was intense! But our bathroom is nearly to the same place as our kitchen. As soon as I have the bathroom done we can run electricity to the kitchen! The box is in our bedroom which is next to the bathroom which is next to the kitchen. So logically the bathroom has to be ready for electric before the kitchen can be done.

I still have the living room area, spare/kids bedroom and our bedroom to mud, sand, mud and sand again. AND Ben still has to build the laundry/closet/pantry(?) room yet. (which won’t take that long, really) But it does mean more sheet rock and more insulation. ICK! Satan’s cotton candy!

In other news: I went to the Junior Sheep Expo (4-H) in Cookeville this past week! I dragged Tara along with me (But I think she enjoyed it too!) so I didn’t feel so alone. It was SO fun to see all those lil’ sheepies!! I’m really glad I had someone there to make contact with or else I would have been COMPLETELY lost and uncomfortable. I still felt a little silly but I feel like in just talking to that one lady and her very knowledgeable daughter, I learned a lot about sheep. I still have about a million and one questions, but now I feel like I have this contact in the sheep world that I can call up and ask questions if I need to. I’ll be sad to not be at the farm this week but exciting things are happening!


One thought on “Life update!

  1. Good job! I have no idea what a job sheetrocking is, but it seems like a BIG one. Haha I love that (or hate it, really) “Satan’s cotton candy.” Insulation kind of scares me. Have you seen that crazy foam stuff?

    And, I LOVED going to that sheep expo! All those sheepies! And time with you. What a great day! I’m glad that lady was so helpful.

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