Baby ducks

Baby ducks might be the cutest thing in the entire world. Seriously. There’s nothing like them.

My baby ducks are about 6 weeks old now and I’ve just released them to a pond on our land so they can swim and forage for food. Since we first got them, I’ve been putting off letting them wander free because I thought they’d just run away. I was delighted and completely shocked that not only have they not run away, they follow me EVERYWHERE.

Apparently they’ve imprinted on me and think I’m their mama. We still put them away at night in their little cage but they walk happily in once I put food in there. We actually lost one on Friday because I didn’t put them in. (It was their first night out of the cage) We’re pretty sure an owl took it because there were no signs of struggle or feathers anywhere near the pond.

Anyway in the mornings I go to let them out and they’ll just stand at my feet until I walk down to the pond with them. And if I try to leave and they happen to see me, they will RUN after me to try to follow! When I manage to get away without them seeing, once they figure it out they’ll cry ALL day until I come back and sit with them. It’s ADORABLE!!!! And completely irresistible. I wish I could spend the entire day with my little flock of 6 ducks. 🙂 If you’ve ever thought about getting ducks, do it. They’re SO fun! I have Khaki Campbells and they’re so sweet. 🙂

I’ve only named 3 of them because they’re a bit hard to tell apart. One of the girls is Speckle because she has a white mark on her throat. Another that had a smaller white speckle on her throat was named Parson (because it looked like a Parson’s collar) Her speckle is VERY small now that her feathers have come in but she has white tips on her wings so I can still tell who she is. 🙂

I named our boy Wembly. I read the Fraggle Rock books as a child and I always loved Wembly. I thought it was the perfect name for a duck. Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue which one is the boy…or if we actually still have him. Chances are that we do. I hope so because I want MORE ducks someday!! 🙂 If not, I’m buying more because I love them.


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