More sheep…? Yup.

Yes. We bought more. They will be for meat but I’m still super excited. We bought three ram lambs. Two are Tunis and one is a Tunis Hampshire cross. They are not “fixed” yet but that will probably have to happen soon. I was hoping we could possibly try to get them to breed our Suffolk girls before we make them whethers but since we’re most likely getting our registered Tunis ewes in the next week or so, that’s probably NOT going to happen.

I am actually surprised, the Tunis x Hampshire is pretty cute. Somehow he ended up with a sort of grey face which I really like. 🙂 I guess genetics don’t work like the color wheel. Black and red do not make maroon. haha. Apparently they make grey.

We’ve already noticed that the Tunis are MUCH calmer than the Suffolks and the Hamp cross. We call the Tunis x Hamp Grumpy because he’s just GRUMPY! While transporting him back to the farm, he didn’t sit down ONCE. The other two were completely chill and just laid down almost immediately. But all three of them combine are bleating far less than the Suffolks did when we got them. And they took their wormer like champs. 🙂 I’m gonna try to get out and get some pictures of them today. I need to go do animal chores. Sheep, ducks and goats. There’s NO end!


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