Sheep Shearing!

Today I sheared my sheep for the first time! I was so excited and nervous. Nervous because the shears that you use are INTENSE!! I don’t have a picture of my shears, but they’re pretty rugged. You can google electric sheep shears and see what they look like if you’re interested. All in all, it went pretty smoothly. They didn’t fight me too much except getting into the stantion (sp? It’s the stand with the head gate that we use to milk goats by hand. It just so happens to work for shearing sheep as well!). They got a little jumpy sometimes and one of them YELLED the ENTIRE time. It took me about 40 minutes+ per sheep. I went really slow because I had NO clue what I was doing. Seriously. I’ve watched three YouTube videos and that’s IT. They look a little scraggly, but overall not too bad. πŸ™‚ Here are some pictures:

We tried to save most of the top wool (the useful stuff) but since I didn’t have any idea how many inches of wool there was on there, there was probably less useful stuff than there should have been if a professional had done it. I got about 3.5 lbs of good wool. And I had maybe…5 pounds of waste? I’m not really sure. I didn’t gather the waste and weigh it. It’s actually not waste though because we can use it in the compost for the garden. It’ll be great fertilizer! So it was scary and IΒ nicked them each a few times with the shears (Which I felt HORRIBLE about) but we had an antibacterial spray that was a pain reliever too so that helped. I’m just so happy their sheared and won’t be hot for the rest of the summer! I think they’re much happier now and I don’t think they totally hate me. They still came up to me after I sheared them. In my mind it was like a “thank you for shearing us. We’re much cooler now.” type of look. πŸ™‚

I’ll have wool of my own to use at the spinning class I’m taking next month! Yay!


4 thoughts on “Sheep Shearing!

  1. I just tried to shear my own and it was horrific my hubby did it and it made me afraid to try he gouged the first one so badly is there a trick to handling the shears I still want to try, I think I’d be better at it lol we only tried one and didnt even finish

    • Hi there! I’m so sorry to hear your first shearing experience was so traumatic. 😦 I nicked my girls a few times but not terribly. It was my first time shearing as well but I discovered that if you sort of aim away from the sheep’s body as you’re shearing you much less likely to catch them with the tips of the shears. Also you could just not take off as much wool. The main goal is to keep them cool throughout the summer.

      What kind of sheep do you have?

  2. Hi JoAnna
    Thanks for the reply,Thats what I thought and tried so tell him. We will attempt it again this time keeping the shears away from my hubby LOL (he felt terrible). I have a few shetland sheep as well as some romanov crosses, unfortunantly I’ve just lost one it was taken by a coyote. I’m going to enjoy being a part of this site,I have lots of exploring to do, any suggestions on where to begin. Thanks Lana

  3. Aww! Sorry for the loss of you sheep! We have coyotes where I am, but we also have 6 dogs on the farm which tends to keep away predators. In addition to the dogs, the sheep run with our herd of 50 goats so they have protection from that too.

    As for where to begin – I have all of the archives from when I first bought a loom until now. You can read about my struggles and triumphs. πŸ™‚ I also have an Etsy site (which is in need of new items right now) but you can check that out too. Hopefully I’ll be updating that this weekend or next week. Thanks for reading and I hope you continue!

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