Looong day

Oh my goodness it’s been such a long day.

Today started by taking the two whethers (boy sheep that have been…erm…fixed) and the steer to the slaughter house. I was not a part of this process but I woke up when Ben did (6:30). I think I went back to sleep for a little while actually but I’m still beat!

For some reason this week my emotions have been completely out of whack. Like one second I’m mad, then I’m happy then I’m in the depths of despair. It’s weird. Well I was over thinking the whole animals going to the slaughter house this morning so I was pretty depressed. I decided I’d distract myself by working on the market bag warp I’m putting on my loom. That didn’t really work. I somehow forgot that all I do when I’m weaving is think and I didn’t feel very positive so my thoughts spiraled into depression. (big surprise…thinking is dangerous)

Well then Molly came in to let me know that my baby chicks were piling again (they pile on top of each other which causes whatever chicks are on the bottom to suffocate. Awesome…I lost 6 chicks yesterday because they pile when they’re freaked out and they didn’t like the storm) So I spent the afternoon wracking my brain about how to get the chicks somewhere where they would have more space, cleaner living conditions and access to actual sunlight. We tried moving them out to the chicken coop where all the grown up hens live but they piled and I lost 3 earlier this week. Well that was the day before yesterday so we figured we’d move them back.

Then when Molly and I were in the process of moving the chicks from my shop to the coop, the goats got out of their pasture and into  the strawberries. Once we chased them out of the strawberries they ran down the path to the other garden in the bottom ground and got into the broccoli and corn! So we had to chase them back up into their pasture. While we were chasing goats all over creation, the calf that is in the same pasture as the goats got out and started to walk down the path to the bottom ground! At this point it was like 4PM so I called Ben and said we needed help. He had absolutely no trouble getting Fiona (the calf) back into the pasture and we got all the goats back in within a few minutes of that. Freaking cow whisperer. Seriously. He’s SO good with cows.

The ONLY consolation I have is that the sheep were good and stayed in their pasture happily eating away. I love sheep. They might not always be the brightest of animals, but they’re sweet and when they see a fence, they stay in it. It’s a miracle.

The chicks seem happy in their freshly strawed coop and all the other animals are where they are supposed to be now but I’m exhausted.

I’m trying to think positively and find something to be excited about.

Molly and I had fun cleaning out the camper that we got from the grandparents to house the WWOOFers. (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) Grandma left a bunch of stuff in there so we went through it. There were a few pillow cases in there so I might try to cut them up and use them for the market bags I’m weaving. I’m not a huge fan of rag weaving, but I’ve never personally done it (or if so, not since I was a kid) so I might try it. I am quite tired though. I gotta go start on dinner in a few minutes. Food will be good. 🙂


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