Sheep…they’re all I think about

Seriously. I think about sheep constantly now that I have them. I think about MY sheep and I think about getting more sheep and how to get more sheep and sheep having lambs and shearing sheep and wool and spinning.

I just bought sheep shears so I can shear my own sheep for the first time. I’m excited and terrified. I don’t want my sheep to hate me. They kind of don’t like people at this point in their lives…If I have the shears by the 16th (okay, before then) I’ll practice on the boys before they go to the slaughter house on the 16th. I don’t care too much if they hate me…the boys, that is. I want to do everything possible to make the girls like me.

Anyway, hopefully soon we’ll be getting MORE sheep. 🙂 We are looking into getting Tunis sheep. They are a red faced breed from Tunisia…big surprise…the name makes that kinda obvious. Here’s a picture:

Tunis Sheep!


Adorable right?! Yes. I know they are. They are also a really good all around breed. Good meat yield and good flavor, good wool quality, hardy, good percentage of twinning, good heat tolerance, etc. They are really kinda good at everything.

Originally I was thinking I’d get California Red Sheep (bred from a Tunis x Barbados) but I can’t find anyone in Tennessee that has them. Well…supposedly there’s a registered herd in Dyersburg, TN, but the people won’t return my calls and it’s like 4 hours away. Not cool. Tunis are a lot easier to find. There are 15 registered herds in TN which is awesome. Anyway, I hope to be adding some more sheep to our little herd soon!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sheep…they’re all I think about

    • I looove my sheeps! 🙂 I bought electric shears for the sheep. I considered getting the clippers (look like HUGE scissor type things except they’re all blade and no real handle) but I talked to a few other sheep people and they said it takes approx. 45 minutes a sheep with the clippers versus electric shears. I’m still betting it’ll take me like 10 minutes per sheep. I think the record for fasted shearing with electric shears is like 45 seconds. I’m just not that good. haha 😉

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