Life’s crazy.

Blahhh so busy!

We’re continuing to grow our farm by adding 100 chicks and 7 ducklings! I have some pictures, but they are on the family camera at the farm so none to post here. But I did post a video on the Fall Creek Farms facebook page. I think they have an open profile. You can check it out here.

We’ve also recently bought 3 Devons (cattle) to start a registered Devon herd! Two heifers and a bull. We will be adding a third heifer soon.

Our sheep are doing well, but at this point, still remain nameless. They are simply referred to as “the sheep” because they are such a unit! Herd instinct is apparently very strong in Suffolks. Then again, I’ve never been around other sheep breeds…

We are looking for more sheep and hoping to get a ram soon!

The goat herd is also growing. And out of season, I might add! We’ve had 4 babies (two sets of twins) born in the past week! And another single baby last week! They are all ADORABLE!! Out of the 5, we only had one boy! 4 new girls to add to the herd! And the milk couldn’t have come at a better time. We need more milk for our herd share customers. Actually, we need more milk so we can sell more shares! 🙂

The babies are ADORABLE! Sunny D is the oldest, born last week to one of our first time mamas. She’s TINY!! All sandy brown and floppy ears indicating that she is part Nubian.

The next babies born were from Pickles, a veteran mama. She had a boy and a girl, Claussen and Juniper. Also both sort of sandy brown and floppy eared. These two are small, but already larger than Sunny D even though Sunny’s nearly a week older.

Roxanne (Pickles twin sister) had twin girls the day after Pickles. She went into labor pretty much the exact same time Pickles had the day before. (Weird) Her girls appear to be from our Alpine buck, Hotshot and are very nearly identical!! We named them Flora and Fauna since Roxanne went into labor in the middle of the woods.

Year round breeding is not only uncommon among goats it’s UNHEARD of!! This DOES not happen. We are fairly excited about this possibility though. 🙂

I haven’t had much time for weaving lately, but that’s okay. I’ll pick it up again soon. I’m all right with taking a little break for a while after weaving for pretty much 3 months straight. It’s fun to focus on the farm and animals for a while.


One thought on “Life’s crazy.

  1. More babies?! That’s crazy! I didn’t know you got more cowsies too! Or, bull and cows to be correct 🙂 that’s so exciting!

    PS. Did my comments come through on your pictures from you last post? I didn’t know if they registered as comments… since they weren’t individual posts. I dunno.

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