TACA Fair: Results.

Before I start, I don’t have pictures uploaded yet. But please read my post anyway??

It has been a whirlwind all week! I didn’t stop after the TACA fair last weekend. But it went SO well!! I’m quite proud of myself, but really I couldn’t have done it without my super awesome helpers: Molly (my sister in law. What a trooper! She’s 14 and like the most willing assistant ever!) and Emma. Emma was. Amazing. She sold my stuff like no one else! We finally had to agree to start taking turns on who spoke because we were either saying the same thing at the same time or just repeating each other. She was SO sweet and let Molly and I stay with her on Friday night and then spent her entire weekend helping me at the fair. All of her own will! If you’re reading this, thanks again, Emma!!

The show went so well and was so fun! I had a big surprise on Friday evening though! Throughout the day there had been people coming to my booth with name tags that said “Juror”. I figured these were just people who had juried the show and were stopping by to see what people had brought or something. Then one man introduced himself as a guest juror and started asking me all these questions about my booth design and where I get my inspiration and all this stuff…I just figured he was interested…Well apparently they give awards at each show and I was informed later that evening that I won “Best New Exhibitor”! This was a huge surprise/honor. I still can’t believe I was awarded with this! The guest juror turned out to be the former director of Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. (The guy who interviewed me) He said he loved my use of contemporary colors and traditional patterns together.

As if the honor of getting this award wasn’t enough, I also received $250 dollars for the award! (Also a HUGE surprise)

Okay. Back to how it went. It was slow on Friday, most people were just looking but I still made quite a few sales.
Saturday was INSANE. I think I would have just given up and gone into the fetal position if I hadn’t had Molly and Emma there. It was SO busy! We sold and sold and sold! I sold lots of felted soap, several woven shawls, hats, scarves and clutch bags.

Sunday was slow and HOT. I ended up having to sit down a lot because my feet were swelling from standing and the heat. Ben came up with me for Sunday and Emma was there again too. We did about the same as Friday, I’d say. All in all, it was WELL worth what I paid to get in. I sold over half of the headbands I made! I’m planning on weaving up some more of those soon. They’re so fun! And really easy to make.

Well anyway, I did take some pictures but they’re on the family camera at the farm. I’ll try to sneak it away with me next week and post some pictures of the booth.

Oh! We also went to our first Chattanooga Main Street Farmers Market on Wednesday of this week! I sold 6 bars of my felted soap! 3 in the first 5 minutes! Hopefully that will continue to be a good market. Okay. going for now.

One thought on “TACA Fair: Results.

  1. JoAnna, I am so proud of how well you did at the TACA fair and it was such fun to introduce you to all my TACA friends. I also like the way you organized you blog site. Love you—-Mom

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