TACA: Set up day

I’m all set up and ready for the show to start tomorrow! I can’t wait!! My sweet friend, Emma offered to let Molly (my sis in law) and I stay with her during the fair. I’m SO grateful!

I’ll tell ya though I’m SO POOPED! How on earth am I going to make it through the whole weekend?!

I am SO sorry for the lack of pictures. I couldn’t get a camera for today, but I ordered Ben and Molly to bring the Bleasdale camera with them when they get home tonight. So I’ll take a bunch of pictures tomorrow and try to post them soon! Hopefully I’ll be able to either get my camera fixed or buy a new one soon so I don’t run into this again. It’s so frustrating! And depressing.

Mom and I went this morning to set up and got there around 10am. Technically that was supposed to be for chapter booth set up time alone but the staff told me it was no big deal that I was there and could go ahead and set up my exhibitor booth. I was the very first tent out there and it was me in a big field with the Parthenon. Kinda hilarious.
Getting there early ended up having its own challenges because I didn’t have anyone to explain where exactly within the marked space of the booth I was supposed to set up the tent. I ended up having to move the whole thing back 10ft because I was in the aisle-way because it was not clearly marked, “This is where the front of your tent goes.” Blah. That was frustrating.

Once mom and I got the tent up (and then moved about 45 minutes later and then re-setup) I really got the setup done really fast. I mean I messed around and fussed over stuff and took my sweet time but it was nice to be able to do that. I had to improvise a few things (like a second table…made out of taped cardboard boxes) but overall I’m really happy with how things look.

The one thing that is SO wonderful about having a fibers booth rather than another medium is that my entire display fits in 4 boxes, a table and a tent. I could practically fit it into a regular car! I was watching all these other craft artists driving up with their trailers and trucks stuffed full of supplies and there I was with my little boxes full of somewhere around $8500 dollars of inventory. The only reason why it didn’t all fit in two boxes was because of those dang pillows!! A bunch of them had better sell because I don’t want to take them home! đŸ™‚

I’m very sleepy and ready for dinner. Hopefully Ben and Molly will be home soon and we can whip something up. I’ll keep you updated as I’m able.


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