Excitement on the farm!

We made an important decision this weekend about another farming venture to begin. Ben and I already raise cattle for grass fed beef and my in-laws have goats for milk and dairy. But we have been looking to add to our all natural meat business. We have decided to get sheep! Lamb meat prices are on the rise so now is the time for sheep!!

We will most likely be getting Suffolk and Hampshire breeds and crossing them. They do very well on grass and gain weight quickly. This is good because you get your profit quicker but also I’ll have less time to get attached to them. We will only be using the males for meat. The cool thing about these breeds is that they are duel purpose…Meat and…wool!! Yay!!! Since we will be building up a herd of ewes and two rams and they have to be sheared once a year, I’ll be getting my very own wool from my own sheep!

So yes, they will be primarily meat sheep, but I still have a flock to tend and will get SOME form of wool! I’ve read that Suffolks and Hampshires produce medium wool. I’ve not done a ton of research on what that means exactly but I assume it will be more coarse than soft. It may end up being used in rugs rather than scarves but we’ll see. Either way I’m excited that I’m getting my own wool!

Here’s a picture of what Suffolks look like:

Suffolks! SO cute!!

Can’t wait to get them! Hopefully sometime this week!! I’ll take pictures of them when we actually get them so you can see what our girls look like. šŸ™‚


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