I just turned on my lil point and shoot camera so I could take some pictures of the pillows I just finished sewing and I discovered that the screen was cracked and broken. 😦 I’m SOOOOOO BUMMED! And I feel like a horrible sister because my brother gave me that camera and now it’s broken. 😦

Despite this incredibly depressing discovery I am still in good spirits because of sheep. (I think I’m obsessed….hhaaaaaa…..) Ummm and I’m enjoying the thunderstorms because they aren’t knocking out my power and forcing me to go to the basement right now.

How can you feel depressed and yet completely ecstatic at the same time?
PS: So in case you didn’t catch that, I won’t be able to update with any pictures anytime soon. 😦


One thought on “:(

  1. Ohhh! That’s very sad news about the camera! I had forgotten the camera was from him, but I do remember it now… Maybe you’ll be able to get a new one after the TACA fair. I haven’t heard about the sheep besides the fact that there are sheep, so I can’t wait to talk to you soon about them!

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