What’s left?!

AHH! I have 2 weeks left! What am I supposed to be doing now?

I have to:
Finish my booth design
Buy supplies for my booth design
Price everything
sew 10 more pillows
Finish up a headband warp (may not happen)
Find closures for all of the clutch bags
Sew closures to all of the clutch bags
Find something cute to wear (Yes, this is extremely important)
…I know there’s about a million more things to do, but I can’t think of anymore right now.

I’m ready to be all done now. Here’s the other thing though: even when I’m done with this big show, life still won’t slow down. I have to go straight back to the farm and finish the walls at the house so Ben can start the electric and plumbing. I really hope that goes quickly and we can be moved out there soon. I’m just so ready to have my own house. I get so overwhelmed when I’m working on the house completely by myself. I mean it took me two weeks to put ONE coat of mud on everything by myself! The house NEEDS to be done! I’m really hoping we can maybe have it done by June 18, which is the open house/farm day for all our customers.

In other news I’ve been weaving these absolutely lovely scarves this week. They’re 18″ wide (on the loom…somewhere around 16″ after washing) and they’re all Tencel. I’ve been doing a 4 color repeat in the warp. The first one was: Navy, aqua, lime and yellow, the second one was olive, yellow, lime, gold. Both are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I want to steal them and keep them for myself. (Steal them from my own inventory) But I know I have to sell them. So I’m trying to be strong. haha. I do plan on making one for myself soon after the fair though.

Okay. This is getting kinda long and I need to start working on something…But I’m not really sure what…


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