Gray day = slow day

I’m not really sure what happened, but I have no energy today to do anything. Part of it is probably because I was up til nearly 1am last night (extremely late for me) and then I attempted to compensate for staying up late by sleeping in which NEVER works well and almost always makes me feel horrible. I should have just gotten up at 6am like normal.

I have been working none stop (as always…) I’m getting to the point where I just really want the whole thing to be over. I’ve only felted 100ish bars of soap and I have 148 left to go but I feel like I never want to felt another bar of soap in my life again EVER.

I’ve been trying to keep weaving because I want to keep building up more inventory for this show and other shows but I want to make sure I really need the things I’m making.

I have no idea what this post is about. RANDOM! My brain is going all ADD on me. I also can’t type today. Sorry if there are any typos left in this.

This week at the farm we had some big, exciting things happen! Tuesday was a big day! At 9am, a woman from the Cookeville farmer’s market that we know came to do our Certified All Natural inspection. It was pretty much a formality and she said we should receive our certification in about two weeks! SO exciting! If you’re unfamiliar with what that means, it’s basically the same thing as certified organic, but there are fewer hoops to jump through and it’s much easier to get certified. It basically means that we are certified and confirmed by someone that we don’t spray or use any pesticides or herbicides that aren’t all natural.

Okay so that was phase one of the day. Phase two consisted of two exciting things: first we knew already that someone from the Chattanooga farmer’s market was coming to do another farm inspection to get into that farmer’s market. They do this so that they can be sure that you produce enough food/product to actually be contributing to the farmer’s market. What we didn’t know until just before the person came is that we also got into Gaining Ground which is a publication pertaining to organic/all natural farms. I don’t know a lot about it, but it’s exciting to be in it! More advertising for the farm!

So the people came out and inspected the farm (the lady from Gaining Ground publication actually ended up being one of the inspectors! Crazy.) and they said they aren’t allowed to give a yes or no on the day of the inspection, but that we’re basically in. Wooo!

Okay…Why am I excited about getting into a farmer’s market besides being happy for my in-laws? Because it’s also a business opportunity for me. Since we are a family farm, Ben and I are included in the list of “farmers” on the farm. They also accept handmade crafts in this particular farmer’s market so I will be able to sell my work on a weekly basis in Chattanooga which is where I have been trying to figure out how to market my stuff anyway! I am SO excited! Also, I LOVE farmer’s markets. They’re so fun. 🙂 Can’t wait for it to start up! Assuming I’m able to sell work there, I will have to continue to produce work so I can keep my inventory stocked. This whole having a business thing might actually be working….WEIRD!

I am going to make some chicken noodle soup for lunch. Hopefully that will make my throat feel a bit better. Really it’s just allergies. I never get sick. …Blah….


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