Up next!

I’ve wound off three more warps: two more pillow warps (5 pillows each) and my first napkin warp.

I decided to make MORE pillows since I bought 30 down pillow inserts (at a steal) and only have 19 pillow fronts. But instead of dyed pima cotton, I’ve decided to use  silk and tencel. and I’m SOOO excited! Silk and Tencel are absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to make pillows with them. 🙂

The napkins will be from 5/2 cotton (again…Well I have to use it up!) in a beautiful color sequence of yellow, pink, red and magenta. It ends up looking a bit like some form of candy. I. Can’t. Wait. I had been thinking I wasn’t going to weave any napkins after all, but then I decided I should at least try one warp of them and if they end up not being worth it, well I guess I get to keep a set of napkins. (which I would love…but I’m sure that probably won’t happen…I never get to keep anything. haha) I AM going to make at least ONE pillow for us to have in our house though. I’ve already decided. That’s. Happening. Apparently I’m liking one word sentences today.

Well I suppose I’d better go sew up some more pillows. Oy….30 pillows! That will take up the most space of my inventory BY FAR. Just the boxes containing the pillow forms are quite large! A bunch of this stuff had better sell so I don’t have to bring as much home with me!


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