Big boxen of yarn

The subject is a Brian Regan reference for those of you stand-up comic fans. (YouTube Brian Regan Stupid in School and laugh)

Yes. I got a big box of yarn today! I had run out of 5/2 cotton and didn’t have enough left to wind off warp for napkins! I’ve been working on pillow fronts on Foster while at the farm this week. I now have enough for 19 pillows. I’m considering weaving up more though…

I need to start on napkins soon. I wound off another place mat warp today which took much longer than it needed to because I accidentally missed some pegs on my warping board on two separate bouts. BLAH! So it took 2 hours to wind off warp when it really should have only taken one. And then I had to spend the rest of the afternoon undoing the two messed up bouts because I can’t afford to waste that much yarn. It’s probably like a 1/4 of a pound or something. Ridiculous. And now it’s 6:00 and I don’t have much to show for my day.

I did get another double batch of soap made so I’m at….180 bars (give or take a few). I was planning on making another batch yesterday or today but with the weather being so cold (yet humid) the soap is not solidifying quickly at ALL. It’s taking forever. Molly and I decided to put a space heater upstairs where the soap is “drying” to hopefully encourage it to dry up so we can take it out of the molds! I think I should only have to make 2 more double batches to get to my 300 bar quota I set for myself. Then I can start felting!!! ….oy…

I got my wool roving today also and tested it out. It seems to felt really easily so that’s exciting. I think I just have to be careful about not using too much wool and making sure it’s not clumpy. I got a bunch of white wool which I plan on dyeing with Kool Aid.

I need to zigzag stitch the 10 pillow fronts I made this week and get them washed and ready to dye. I’m also throwing around the idea of screen printing on a few of them. Although I haven’t decided what to print on them just yet.

Hmm… What else? … I’m working on color cards right now for more warp ideas. I’ve got plenty of fun colors now but I’m not sure how to combine them. Why oh why did my college colors have to be purple and gold? Now every time I see those colors I think, “Tennessee Tech!!” And it’s such a pretty color combination!! BLAH! Anyway.

So the next few days will most likely consist of winding off much warp and dyeing and sewing pillow fronts. I’m still debating what type of fabric to use for the backing on the pillows. I was considering maybe a cotton sateen or a batiste. We’ll see though. I don’t have much raw fabric left so I’d have to buy it. I’ll probably have to shop around a bit.


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