Fostering a loom

I got my “foster” loom all set up and in production this week! I know, I already said that. But I actually got two warps on and off it. I decided to put fabric for pillows on this baby. I started off using 6 ply rayon to see if I liked the sett and all that. Also I thought I should try and see if the rayon will be sturdy enough. I just washed it so we’ll see what happens when it’s dry. Also it just turned the pima cotton fabric I wove pink but that was my dumb mistake so I’ll just overdye those ones probably. I’m trying bleach right now but it probably won’t work. I’m not concerned, really. Just get to do some cool dye techniques to it.

Just this morning I braved the sewing machine and elastic and made my first headband. I really like how it came out and I want to make a million of them so I can maybe have one for myself. I seriously don’t want to take this thing off my head! 🙂

Anyway here are some pictures from this week:

I had a few problems while putting the first warp on the loom. Sleying the reed went fine. The problems started when I got to threading. There were quite a few heddles that were twisted around each other and I ended up having to cut them off. There are well over a thousand heddles on the loom so pulling off all of them just to get to one and then having to put all of them back on would have been time consuming, frustrating and really, a waste of time. I think I only had to cut four, but they took like 2 minutes each to get off because I didn’t have wire cutters…So that was frustrating.

Once I finished threading, I went to tie onto the back apron rod, but the apron was missing one of the rods. It’s supposed to have two: one that is inside the fabric of the apron to hold it stable and another that feeds through the string part of the apron which is the one you actually tie to. Thankfully I had the rod in my possession and was able to just put it in. I think I have to re-thread the string on the back one because the apron is a bit frayed in some places but that won’t be a big deal and it works fine for now.

Once I got all wound on, (which took less time than I thought it would, PRAISE THE LORD!!!) I went to tie to the front apron and it was missing the string and the rod that goes through the string! Again, I had the rod in my possession, but I had to create my own string. I threaded 3-4 lengths of Pima cotton (the only strong-ish yarn I had with me, but not ideal) through the apron and then put the rod in.

All in all, it probably only took about 4ish hours to dress the loom, but it felt like I was waging war! The only task that actually went smoothly was sleying the reed! Oh when I was winding on, I realized I didn’t bring corrugated cardboard or fabric or anything to wind between the warp so I had to go dig out some fabric from one of our storage boxes in the workshop. I did find some that works though so that’s good. 🙂

I’m quite exhausted from this week and slept in til 8 this morning. (Yes, that’s sleeping in for me. Usually I’m up by 7-7:30 and “at work” by 8) I’m doing random little stuff today that has to get done but I haven’t started anything big. I need to go check that fabric and see if it’s any less pink…


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