I’m a “foster parent”!

Okay, not exactly…My sweet friend Emma (that I know from school) called me a couple of weeks ago to ask me a favor and to offer me a favor at the same time.

She told me that she was informed that her apartment was being demolished (which is a shame because it’s really cute) and she had to move but couldn’t take her loom with her. 😦 Such a bummer! She asked if I would be willing to house/store her loom for her until she’s able to take it again after grad school (3 ish years) She said she didn’t want to sell it but wouldn’t have room for it in her new house. Emma told me she’d rather it were used than be stuffed in a storage place getting mildewed and gross.

I was happy to be able to say that I could take it and would have room to use it. And use it I will! As soon as I’m able to get it to the farm, I’ll be setting it up and putting it into production! It’s an absolutely beautiful loom. It’s much like the looms we used at school, but a slightly different model. And the wood is just gorgeous! Ben said it’s a special type of maple that they most likely had to pay extra to get.

I am so sad for Emma knowing she won’t have her loom. 😦 I know I would be extremely sad if I couldn’t take Mac with me if I had to move. We talked about Emma coming out to the farm sometime in the future and weaving on her baby. Hopefully that will be able to happen soon. 🙂 …well…once the house is a bit more done! haha. OKAY. Going back to work now!


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