44 lbs of lard?! Eeeeeeeewwwww….

Yes. 44 pounds of lard! Vegetable lard is one of the main ingredients in the goat milk soap we make at Fall Creek Farms. Today I spent my “morning shift” buying supplies for making soap. They are as follows:
1 gallon of honey
11 tubs (4 lbs ea.) of lard
1 large bottle of almond oil
3 gallons of olive oil
4 large containers of oatmeal

I had to go to the Cookeville Wal-Mart twice, the Algood Wal-Mart once, Sam’s, Hobby Lobby, Hancock and Good Shepherd Health Foods to find all of this. And I actually didn’t buy enough lard. But Ben’s getting the other 4 tubs on his way home from work. If they don’t have it, it’s not a big deal. I’m not making the soap all at once.

I also bought more soap molds so we would have enough to make two batches a day. 7 of those. They aren’t all uniform shape, but that might be okay.

I will have to be placing a wool roving order soon with either Webs or Yarn Barn. I do love Webs and they have wonderful prices and great discounts but I do wish I could order from Yarn Barn. I was thinking about adding on some more 5/2 cotton when I order the wool, but Webs really has a fairly limited color selection. 😦 Bummer. So I’ll have to think about that for a while.

I finally remembered to take pictures of the three sets of place mats I’ve woven. Here they are:

Like I said, I think the blue and white are my favorites. They’re just GORGEOUS! In the green/yellow and blue/white sets there are two of each color combination. In the variegated violet (can’t resist alliterations) set, they are all the same.

I have enough 5/2 cotton to weave maybe two more sets but then I’m out! And I need more for napkins and pillows. Although, I suppose the pillows could be of different fiber content. I have other yarns to choose from. I just figured durability, right?

Speaking of durability, I really need to do a durability test on my woven goods so I know how they actually hold up after many washings. Are they actually machine washable or do I need to say hand wash on everything?? Eeeek!

Ummm…Oh! I also found some wool roving at Hancock Fabrics so I could try dyeing it to see if it was hard to do or not. It’s not. At all. I have to wait for it to dry to see if it still felts okay, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem. So I’ll probably be buying white and brown wool. So I’ll have brown bars of soap as a base color and then I can add other colors onto the brown. Trying to keep it simple! It only took about 10 minutes to dye the wool so that’s not a problem.

I should probably go and work on whatever’s next!


One thought on “44 lbs of lard?! Eeeeeeeewwwww….

  1. I’m particularly jealous of your ability to buy large containers of oatmeal. Maybe once I get my finances coming in, I can actually make a trip to Costco and see if they have oatmeal. I’ve managed to find many other ingredients I need for baking (well, not the actual toaster oven yet either), but oatmeal just isn’t turning up. I can hardly believe your supply list, that’s immense!

    The blue and cream ones are probably my favorites of these too I think. Mediterranean is a good way to describe them.

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