I live in the land of place mats

It’s true. I wove four up today and put on a warp for 4 more and then I have at least two more warps of four that I need to do. I’m so proud of myself! I actually calculated my warp length exactly right this time!! I got exactly 4 place mats with just the right amount of waste. Back apron came just to the heddles when I was done.

I don’t have pictures yet. Sorry. My back was killing me and I just wanted to update quickly. I kinda want to wait til they’re washed anyway to post pictures. But we’ll see.

Anyway I also worked a bit on an idea for a vest. I’m not really sure how that’s going to work. I did some quick and dirty measurements to get an idea of how large of a piece of fabric I’d need to weave and it looks like I’d need a piece 20″ wide by 30″ long times 2 (one for the front, one for the back). I basically want it to be a box shape so that it will be suitable for men or women (although I doubt a guy would want one of these….but who knows. Hippie guys go to craft festivals, so…maybe? haha). I can’t remember ever making a shirt or vest before this though so I’m having some issues with the arm holes. I’m totally just making the pattern up instead of buying one. Partially because in the TACA fair info I’ve read it says that all the designs must be original. I don’t know for sure if that means I can’t use commercial patterns, but hey I kinda like the idea of making my own design anyway.

I made a small mock up just so I could see it in fabric (small as in doll size) and decide if I like the idea I have. A few other considerations are:

Closure – Do I want one and if so, what/how?
Liner – Do I need to line the vest so it doesn’t have raw edges showing? If so, with what? Do I hand dye fabric for the liner?

I have two different ideas for vests floating around in my head right now. This seems like the more complicated one (even though it’s just a box, basically). The other idea I have is very simple. It’s basically a backless halter top that buttons (or some form of closure) in front and had two ribbons (or some type of tying device) on either side that tie in the back to hold the thing together…Doesn’t that seem simpler? No arm holes. But the other thing about the halter design is that only a specific age group (and gender) would wear that. I seriously doubt that women in their 40’s-60’s would wear something like that. Maybe…Who knows.

I guess I have a bunch of stuff to think about. But I still have…uhhh…6-7 weeks before the show so I’ve still got time to figure something out. 🙂


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