I’ve made a bit of progress on things today. Yesterday morning Ben and I had an appointment with the CPA to give her our info for taxes. BLAH I hate tax season. It always stresses me out. It wasn’t bad before Ben was fully self employed but now it’s a bit more complicated and I can’t do it on Turbo Tax anymore. But I’m done talking about this because I HATE talking about taxes!!

Since Ben had the day off we spent the day together at home just hanging out and watching tv. That may sound boring, but I love getting to just veg out together. We don’t really get to do that anymore like when we were in school and I miss it. So while we were watching tv (How I Met Your Mother and Top Gear. Thank you Netflix!) I wound off warp for place mats. I’m pretty excited about all of them so far. Ben is so sweet and helps me out whenever he can. I told him I was struggling to come up with interesting striping patterns or just interesting color combinations so we sat down together and sketched up some ideas while watching tv. It was fun! His ideas were really different from mine and it was refreshing to see someone else’s ideas.

The pages I sketched on look like they’re covered in thumbnail drawings of flags. I mentioned that to Ben and he said that might actually be a cool idea for a future project. I think he’s right so I’m gonna let that one stew in my mind for a bit.

In my morning shift today I finished weaving the waffle weave warp (that’s kinda a mouthful to say…also I love alliterations). I’m debating what to do with the four towels I got since they really aren’t worth selling…Actually, it’s more like they’re too worth selling…? Lemme try this another way: They would be too expensive and I don’t think people would buy them. It’d have to be like $40 a towel. And I just don’t see that happening.

Once that I was done I still had a little bit of time left before my lunch break so I put the first place mat warp in the lease sticks and sleyed the reed. I’ll be threading, beaming and hopefully weaving this afternoon. I can’t wait to see how it looks! 🙂 I’ll take pictures once I’ve gotten it on there.

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