Waffle weave towel sampler

I am SO glad I decided to do samplers!! If I’m ever participating in a big show like this again, I will remember to weave samplers! Umm…Also I’m beginning to love sampling.

Okay. So today didn’t quite go as smoothly as I wanted it to, but again, that’s why I’m sampling.

I got up and dressed the loom from 8am-11:30am and then took a break til 12:30. Then I began weaving the first towel on the warp. I texted Ben to tell him how wonderfully everything was going and how excited I was…If I believed in jinxes, apparently saying that jinxed it…I was weaving along happiliy when I hear a snap and I look down to discover that the string that holds the apron rod to the apron has broken. Not only that but the apron string breaking caused two warp ends to break so I had to patch the apron rod string and fix two broken ends. When I was finally done fixing everything, I went to tighten my tension and my cloth beam fell off. You should probably know that the cloth beam is designed to do this to make it easier to disassemble but it’s not supposed to happen when you’re tightening tension. I tend to bump it with my knee which causes it to do this. After all that (about 30-45 minutes) I decided I needed to take a break. Oh I also discovered a threading error so I knew I was going to have to cut off the first towel and tie back on in order to fix it.

I did finish the first towel and I’m really glad I cut the first one off and washed and dried it before I started weaving again! It shrunk in length more than I predicted it would so I had to adjust for that when weaving the second towel. Here’s what the first one looks like:

I’m pretty happy with it but I’m not entirely sure it’s worth all the effort. I called Ben to see what he thinks and he said maybe I could make like 10 of them or something and then weave another kind of towel as well. That seems like a pretty good idea to me. So we’ll see what happens. I’m pretty tired! I woke right up when the alarm went off and didn’t doze off again after Ben left for work. With the time change that’s like being wide awake at 5am. And I’ve been going all day long! I am SO looking forward to chilling out a little tonight. I might wind off some warp for other projects but I’m not sure yet. We’ll see. I’m excited about watching another Netflix disk of How I Met Your Mother. 🙂 We’re big fans but we haven’t seen all the back seasons so we’re getting the disks. It’s “Legendary!” haha.


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