This is really a job!

I decided last week that in order to get everything done for the TACA fair, I’m going to have to start treating this thing more like a job and have hours of operation and all that. So this morning I got up, showered and was “at work” by 8:00am. Granted I don’t have to drive anywhere, just walk down the hall, but if I don’t treat it like I have to go somewhere, I won’t be able to think of it like work or a job. And I need it to be so I stay focused. I can’t be running off every 5 minutes to check my email and facebook or whatever. Seriously, what is it that I do everyday? lol

I’m planning on an hour break around noon-ish for lunch and to rest my back (This is important.) Today it was a bit earlier because I finished threading, beaming on and tying to the front beam right at 11:30. But I won’t be dressing a loom everyday so I’m shooting for noon-ish. Actually, that’s kind of exciting to know that I can spend my morning “shift” dressing a loom and be weaving by afternoon.

Ben’s been so sweet and patient with me about all of this. Like yesterday I decided I didn’t want to do twill towels so I wouldn’t be able to tie on to the napkin/pillow warp like I had planned but that meant I had to do more samples. Blah. 😦 Ben reminded me that it was a GOOD thing that I was sampling. For example, I discovered that my calculations for placemats were WAY off and they came out way too narrow (again…always my problem…) but if I hadn’t sampled, I would have been stuck with a crapton of ity bity placemat shaped piece of fabric. Oh I also decided I definitely want to do fringe on the placemats cause I really don’t want to hem them. haha.

So ANYWAY. 🙂 I’m feeling very positive and happy right now…which might also have to do with the fact that I just had lunch… But whatever. Still happy. I’m pretty excited about the waffle weave towels. I’ve been planning on trying these for a while. I’m using 10/2 cotton in white sett at 24 epi in a 6 dent reed. I have 450 ends which ends up at around 19″. (Okay 18.75″ but who’s counting?) The warp I just put on is 4 yards long so I should be able to get 4-5 towels; maybe even 6! I think I’ll probably end up dyeing some yarn for more towels if these turn out well. I don’t want to do JUST white. I could dye some yarn with curry…

OH did I mention I ordered the lye for making soap?! Wait…did I mention I’m making soap?? Okay. Backing up. I’m planning on making 300 bars of honey almond oatmeal goat milk soap. (That’s a MOUTHFUL!) I’m going to be felting all the bars of soap using brown wool (because I can get it super cheap from Webs) and putting different colored stripes of dyed wool on each bar. I’m felting them so they still fit into the fibers/textile medium which I got into the TACA fair for. But it’s my sneaky way of also having my in-laws soap products there. I’m still making the soap myself though. But it’s their recipe…and I’ll do it at their house. And then I can plug the farm for them. “Yes, the recipe used to make this soap is from Fall Creek Farms. They are a certified naturally grown farm in Spencer! They offer Goat milk shares and a CSA Here’s a brochure.” I’m SERIOUSLY good at this. BWAHAHAHAHA! (…That was my evil laugh…) All done now.

My break’s almost over and I’ve gotta sync my iPod before I go back to work so I can have movies to watch while I’m weaving. Yup. I’m that skilled. I can weave AND watch movies on my iPod. 😀

One thought on “This is really a job!

  1. Does the farm have a pretty decent pamphlet? I’m thinking of being a donor/sponsor for WhedonFest this year, and the bracket I’m looking at allows for a promo item from the donating business to be placed in all the attendees’ bags. Since I don’t have a business and I’m not even in the US right now, I was thinking of donating in Fall Creek Farms’ name. I haven’t decided yet, but I’m thinking in that direction. I could work out getting you guys in contact with the right people to deliver the brochures and stuff. Anyway, just keep it in mind. If that’s something Brad and Dana would want to attach their farm’s name to–celebration of Firefly and Serenity for charities. 😉

    This was a great blog update! I think that’s a good call about the fringe, and I like the look of it too. The waffle-weave towels seem really absorbent. I had no idea you were making so much soap–awesome! It sounds like a good plan to be deliberate in the way you plan your work day. Good call. Have a productive week!

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