Planning, planning, planning

I spent most of my morning planning for the Mayfair (apparently the spring TACA fair has more than one name…). I worked on what I want to make, calculations for those projects and how to group them so I can tie on to minimize back pain and time. (Those are in order of importance!)

Then this afternoon I went to a few antique shops to look for clip earrings. Why? Because they make GREAT clasps for clutch bags. (PS: I always picture a girl clutching a bag when I say that word…Just FYI) I found three pairs that I think will work really well aaaand I’m excited.

After antiquing, I came home and wound off warp for clutch bags and headbands! I forgot to take pictures of the clutch bag warp but here’s the headbands:

I’ve got red/black, aqua/black, darker aqua/green and gold/olive. I like the color combos so far. It should be enough warp for like 20 headbands. Here’s what I planned for dimensions: 3.5″ wide and 14″ long. (On the loom) it should shrink to like 3ish”x10-12ish”. I’m using Tencel and silk for the yarn. I think the only one that has silk is the dark aqua/green one; all the others are Tencel. I wanted to prep the headband warps because I am planning on taking my mom’s little Dorset loom out to the farm so I needed several warps to work on for when I’m out there. Don’t worry. I asked permission to borrow the loom. She’s also offered the service of her Schacht Mighty Wolf should I need it. I may have to take her up on that later… We shall see. I’m not feeling particularly overwhelmed right now, but that will probably change again soon.

I emailed Jeanne (my instructor from school, if you don’t know) this morning to ask if she had any advice about pricing or what sort of goods to make. She was very helpful and excited that I got into the fair. (She was the one that called it Mayfair. đŸ™‚ ) I got some good ideas of what kinds of items to make and she mentioned that it’s a good idea to make things that will sell to all age groups. Duh! Why hadn’t I conjugated that thought before? I was probably too busy freaking out…

I think I may try to weave some vests but I’m not sure how that’ll work yet. I’ll have to mess around with the idea for a while first. Just thought I’d try to stay up to date on here!


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