A little dose of adorable

I finally managed to get some pictures of some of the recent baby goats born at the farm.

I love these three goats beyond all reason and comprehension. lol.

Bulger’s mama was pretty young to be having a baby so she doesn’t have a lot of milk. We tried bottle feeding him but he doesn’t like the bottle since he has nursed on the mama some. We’ve been supplementing with other mamas who have extra milk. Bottle feeding or extra feeding makes baby goats EXTREMELY friendly. They LOVE people attention!!

Goob is an udder joy to be around. She’s always hoping around and running everywhere but she’ll also just sit happily in your lap.

Pumpernickel is adorable! She’s also TINY!!! She has long, skinny legs (skinnier than normal for a baby goat) and her ears are so ridiculously large for her tiny head that she looks completely hilarious and adorable at the same time. 🙂 Yep. I love them all. haha.


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