Congratulations! We are delighted that you and your work have been selected to join us at the TACA Tennessee Craft Fair 2011 in Nashville’s Centennial Park May 6, 7, & 8.

At your earliest convenience, please log in to your Zapp account to accept your invitation to exhibit and purchase your booth space along with TACA membership (if you wish to receive discounted booth fees) and any other products. PLEASE NOTE THE DEADLINE TO PURCHASE YOUR BOOTH IS MIDNIGHT MARCH 22.

I’M SO STINKIN’ EXCITED!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!! Holy crap! Now I have SO much work to do!!!!! I need to get my loom CRANKIN’ OUT! 🙂 WOOOOOOOHOOO!! Okay. All done. Sorta. I have been FREAKING out all day that I would get in…or wouldn’t get in. It’s almost scarier that I got in because now I have all this work to do! I hope I can come up with a BUNCH fo stuff and some cool stuff. I have lots of ideas. I have to figure out display stuff and all that nonsense. Eeeee!


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