Ahhhgghh…Blogging fail.

Someday I’ll blog again regularly. Booo!

Anyway, I’ve been busy…again… Big surprise there…

Worked on the house most of last week. I’m currently taping and mudding the walls. (i.e. Covering up all the joints and screws in the sheet rock) I’m pretty excited about this step because that means that the next step is COLOR!!! PAINT!! I FINALLY GET TO PAINT! This is what I’ve been looking forward to the ENTIRE time. πŸ™‚ Yes. It will be fun. … Crap. I just remembered I have to mud the ceiling first. Boooo.

I’ve also been weaving a bit. I’ve been gone so much I haven’t had a lot of time to weave but I did manage to finish up those huck lace scarves (finally). I can’t wait to wash them and see how the shrink up and everything! It’ll be fun. I like surprises.

My sister is leaving on SUNDAY for South Korea! I seriously hope I’ve mentioned this before…if not, I am again, a failure. Anyway, she’s going to teach English there for a year! It’s pretty cool and I’m really happy for her! I’m also worrying about all the adjustments she’ll go though, but I know God will be with her when she feels most alone. And He’ll get her through the first few months of difficulty.

Umm….Let’s see…Goats! I haven’t talked about them for a while. haha. We’ve had a few more losses and more births. Two of the “teenagers” (babies that are 1 year old now) lost their babies. One was probably due to us giving her medication because she was sick, but when it comes to choosing between a baby and a mama, you always save the mama. I believe I wrote about Molly and I having to deliver a still born baby goat. Ick. No fun.

A couple of weeks later, another mama lost her baby. It lived through delivery, but we didn’t hear her in labor and we lost that one too. She didn’t know what she was doing and didn’t lick it off (and we weren’t there to clean out its mouth and nose) so we lost that one too. It happens. It’s just frustrating that it’s happened so much this year. 😦

Also, I may have mentioned that we suspected a few of the goats to be sick with…something…and we lost an 8 week old baby to that. 😦 Betty. All the other babies are strong and healthy though. We’re watching them all very closely.

Now for happier news! We’ve had two sets of twins born!! Bashful, a second time mama, had a twin boy and girl and we named them Smokey and Bandit as they are both grey. πŸ™‚

Brownie, another second year mama, also had twins, two boys, Skunk and Monk. Brownie’s babies were fathered by our “loser buck” who is full bred Newbian. (floppy ears) He’s a bit of a loser because he’s a runt. We don’t really want to breed small…ness into the herd because that makes kidding more difficult and generally the mamas give less milk, etc. Anyway, Skunk is brown with a black head and a white spot on it and white, floppy ears. And Monk is brown with a bit of black and brown floppy ears. They’re both adorable! I will try to get pictures of both sets of twins when I’m out there later this week. πŸ™‚

That’s just a quick update. I need to go twist some fringe so I can wash those scarves!


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