AAAHHH!! i.e. I submitted my TACA application

Yup. It’s in. I really have no idea what I was supposed to say about my work or if I put my images in the right order or anything. I basically have no idea what I’m doing and I’m freaking out a bit. What if I don’t get in? What if I DO get in?! AAAAHHH!! Okay….No, still not okay. I’ll be holding my breath until March 1st!
Here are the images I submitted:

I was told that image order DOES matter, but I wasn’t told what order to put them in. So I guessed. I tried to not group the scarves together and broke them up using detailed shots. But maybe I should have grouped them? I have no idea! I’m QUITE happy with the photos John took.

I really like the “feel” of the ones Tara took better, but I don’t really know if they would accept images that aren’t taken in a studio. Blah. Poo on them! I got nervous and used the studio ones. Tara, forgive me. 😦 I still LOVE the ones you took!! It’s SO helpful to have those images and I can DEFINITELY use them on Etsy and perhaps other shows as well. DON’T be sad!

Anyway, I suppose from here on out I need to be weaving like a crazy woman. Which means I really need to get those F-ING scarves OFF my loom!!

Oh yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day. 😀 Ben and I are making beef stroganoff (sp?) for dinner and I made a Kahlua cheesecake with white chocolate mousse for a topping. I’m pretty excited about it. 🙂 We will also be having French bread with my delicious honey butter that I make. Mmmm! I can’t wait!
PS: I have no idea why the images won’t go in the order I want, but it’s supposed to be collapse weave, table runner, mock Ikat, undulating twill, huck lace. BLAH!


One thought on “AAAHHH!! i.e. I submitted my TACA application

  1. I think you’ll win! 🙂 I’m teasing, I know its not a contest. But I think you picked some really lovely ones. And no hard feelings, I know what we took wasn’t professional or anything so no worries one bit. And I would LOVE for you to use them for Etsy or something! And if you ever need any other pictures… OH WAIT MY CAMERA IS BROKEN. Haha 🙂 Anyway, good job, your application’s in! Your things are beautiful!

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