Oh my goodness

I have come to the conclusion that I may never have stability AGAIN! I haven’t done anything that I needed to do all week! We spent most of the week at the farm working on the house. Still sheet rocking the ceiling and walls. We only have a little bit left to do before I can begin taping and mudding. I’m really not looking forward to that but maybe it won’t be as bad as I think. And as soon as that’s done, I get to FINALLY do something that’s ACTUALLY FUN! PAINTING!!!!!!

We’re still debating on colors. I’m currently in love with a dark umber yellow (I only say yellow because it’s umber that is more yellow than brown but not really like a…zingy yellow…) and red for the kitchen. Things may change but I love that idea. We also may end up with a red living room which would be fun too. 🙂 The only thing I think we’re both totally convinced on is a bright green bathroom! Yes indeed. With dark wood accents and brown bathroom linens.

I haven’t been weaving much at all since I’ve been at the farm. Also I’m bored with scarves again. Blah. And that’s what’s on my loom right now. As much as I love the Huck Lace pattern, it’s TERRIBLY boring to weave. It’s the same 10 treadles over and over and over for 86 inches. I think part of that is from having woven just overshot for the past two months. I don’t know. It just seems too easy.

We really need internet at our place in Spencer. Hopefully someday soon…

As far as our stove goes, I’m learning pretty quick how to keep the house warm and cozy all day long. It has taken a little fiddling with knobs and figuring out which ones stay open and closed throughout the day but I can happily report that on Saturday afternoon while working on screwing in ceiling sheet rock, I was wearing just a short sleeved t-shirt and jeans and I was SWEATING! And it was something like 30 degrees outside. (give or take a bit) I’m SOO HAPPY!! Our house is WARM!! 🙂

In other news, I have to submit my TACA app for the spring Craft Fair on Tuesday! EEK! I’m nervous. I got a call from Tim Hintz (Sp?) last week asking if I was planning on renewing my membership and letting me know I’m able to do that online now! Yay for internet convenience! We got our photos back from John Lucas today too so I just have to send him the numbers of the images and then he’ll put them in ZAPP format for me. Then I’m all set! I’m still in the process of going through them, I should go finish that up. I’ll try to update again soon!


One thought on “Oh my goodness

  1. Oooh I love your color ideas! Although I don’t have much color sense… and I can’t quite place your yellow. But whatever it is sounds lovely! And I love the bright green bathroom idea + brown + dark wood. Sounds great! I bet your place is going to be wonderful. I’m sorry you haven’t been weaving… its okay. Its like… writer’s block, except for weaving. Although it really isn’t a lack of ideas… I’m rambling. YAY STOVE! AND YAY TACA! Hope your application goes well.

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