At Photo Services

Today my mom and I shared a session at TTU’s Photo Services to get some of our artwork photographed. It was lots of fun and definitely exciting that I’m getting photos taken of my work but I’ll tell ya, it was exhausting too!

We did a two hour session. For the first hour we set up and then mom had pretty much all of her paintings she’s ever done photographed. Boy howdy! Painting majors are LUCKY because they can have a million painting photographed in NO TIME!

It took a lot longer between shots with my weavings because I had to set up and fluff and tweak and straighten, etc. each piece until it looked just right and then take the picture, look at it and decide if I needed to change something. It takes a lot of energy! I was surprised at the amount of work. But it was still good. And I actually got good ideas for how to photograph my own work in the future. I still need a good camera though…..

Also, I think the next check I get from selling some of my work should go to a good iron. I used a Rowenta that they had in the studio and it was fantastic. I know, I know, I should have known this already. But I really didn’t see how it could possibly make any difference to have an expensive iron. ALL my pieces looked SO smooth! And it didn’t have to press down at all. I just had to slide it right over and that was it. Wonderful! So now I want one of my own. 🙂 Well, really I want a mangle (if you don’t already know: a mangle is a roller iron that you feed cloth into and it irons it) but since I’m probably not gettin’ one of those anytime soon, I’ll take the Rowenta.

The photographer (John Lucas) said he should have the photos back to us sometime tomorrow which is really exciting. He said if we want them put in ZAPPlication format, we need to go through the pictures and then tell him which ones we want done and then send them back. (another FYI: ZAPPlication is the web service that a lot of craft fairs use for entry. Once your images are on there and in the proper format, they’re easy to send with your application to the show) So I’ll be doing that to get at least 5 in the format for TACA application which is due next week! (EEK!) Once I’ve submitted the app, they will let me know by March 1 if I am in the show or not. If I am, then I gotta start making work like a crazy person!! I have SO many ideas of what to weave and sew and make! I will probably try them anyway even if I don’t get in. 🙂 I will post pictures sooooooon! (once I have them back)


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