Curry, coffee, tea

If you thought this post would be about dyeing, you should pat yourself on the back.

I tried some natural dyeing today! I wanted to use a different color weft for each of the Huck Lace scarves on the warp I just put on my loom. I also wanted to use the same yarn as the warp for all three scarves. Since the yarn I have is natural colored, I decided my easiest option was to just dye some of it.

I chose natural dyes because I didn’t want bright, zingy colors. I wanted a more subdued palette to work with; color that would go well with the natural cream of the pima cotton. I also chose to dye the yarn in crock pots because the last time I used curry and boiled it on the stove for an hour, I was nauseous for the rest of the evening from the STRONG smell. I couldn’t handle it.

I won’t keep you in suspense. The curry worked, the coffee and tea didn’t. I didn’t make either of the beverages strong enough. The curry yarn is a beautiful yellow though. The pima cotton took the color much better than the Tencel I used last time. I’m pretty excited about that one. 🙂

I ended up over-dyeing the tea and coffee skeins. I have no idea how they’ll look but I liked the colors while they were in the dye pot. I say I don’t know how they’ll look because I used some rather old dye to over-dye them with. I’m not sure if it will even work. I figure it’s gotta at least stain them though, right? Like I said before, I really don’t want intense colors. I want them to be more muted and soft. Here are some pictures from the process:

So while I was waiting for the photos to upload, the washing machine finished. I didn’t take pictures yet because the yarn isn’t dry, but I like how the colors came out. They are pale and I got some weird (but cool) variegation in both skeins. I’m still happy with them and I can’t wait to weave them up!


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